Tuesday, 6 February 2018

100 years Suffrage… still fighting for TRUE EQUALITY

Today, in the UK, we celebrate one hundred years since the passing of the Representation of the People's Act 1918. This act gave a limited number of women the vote! Equality in voting did not occur for another ten years… TEN YEARS in 1928.

We may have the right to vote today but we have a hell of a way to go before we see true equality. I have no interest in the notion of women being superior to men or vice versa. We are all human beings, only separated by genetics. What concerns me more is the artificially made inequality within our society.

The hypocrisy of the Prime Minister and Home Secretary this morning is sickening. They are lauding the Suffragettes, their actions and their fight yet these two women are responsible for Parliamentary Acts specifically designed to stifle democracy and freedom of speech. In addition, their Conservative Party has orchestrated poverty, WASPI women loss of pensions, working mothers being disproportionately hit by austerity and our young girls suffering period poverty. 

Cameron was even worse. His ignorance was permanently and clearly on show when he referred to female colleagues as "she". This disdain for women MPs continues, a glaring example was the during last week's Prime Ministers Question Time, when Tory MPs did their best to bray at and shout down Emily Thornberry. How do we really expect to convince our girls to voice their opinions and take public office?

I admit, I have no desire to serve in public office due to the negative media attention and the biased bullish behaviour some men display. I would much prefer to work with books and use research and education to influence future policy. I should not feel that way… but I do.

I faced sexism and misogyny all my life especially in a male dominated industry but even today, some recent events within my own local party, only demonstrated misogyny is alive and thriving in 2018. 

The whole system, Government and commerce, is endemically against mothers yet being a Mum is a vital role within our communities. As a single Mum, I was constantly told my growing boys needed a male role model. They did NOT. They needed a strong role model who could teach them the importance and significance of equality and being respectful to ALL human beings.

All these calls for more women MPs, business leaders, role models, etc, etc will never be achieved without a total change in attitude and ethos within our whole society. It must start with education of both boys and girls. We must get away from this divisive language and rhetoric. As soon as a child enters the education system, they are labelled and collectivised based upon gender which immediately hinders their opportunities in certain subjects because of societal stereotypes. This is prevalent in STEM subjects. The fact that Wes is helping me write this, demonstrates how far we can develop mutual understanding without gender bias.

What I would like to see going forward, amongst many other ideas:

  • A conscious effort within education to eradicate divisive, restrictive labels and stereotyping
  • An education curriculum that truly represents equality. The curriculum is weighted towards men's achievements – Bletchley Park is known for Alan Turing's codebreakers yet actually 8,000 women worked there and were instrumental in the war effort. They made up 75% of the workforce but rarely get the recognition they so richly deserve.
  • I want issues not to be "women's" issues. Period poverty should concern everyone in society as should sexual harassment. Men and Women should stand together to fight for these issues. My boys know how to treat men and women respectfully, more importantly equally.
Anyone who believes in equality, regardless of gender, should unite and fight for true equality. I don't want to set in women's groups. I want to take the fight to the main platform!!

Let us promote behaving as equal human beings.

Let us unite and fight for true equality against economic and political systems that are specifically and inherently designed to divide us. Let us also fight to ensure every human being has their right to vote across the world.

I can't write this post without mentioning… today would have been Annie Williams' birthday. Annie fought tirelessly for the truth and justice for Kevin AND all the victims and survivors of Hillsborough. A Mum, through no choice of her own, fought with love, great resolve and dignity. She took the fight to the establishment at such great personal cost to herself and her amazing family and WON!! 

Annie will always be my hero.

Much love

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Meniere’s – ticking time bomb

The more I deal with this ticking time bomb, the more I realise it is essential to keep raising awareness. Over 13 million people in the world suffer from it yet the reaction I get when I speak about it is one of “what is that?” and “well you don’t look ill”. Only my boys see me on the bad days. Time is so precious.

Everyday, I spend 50-60% of my energy disguising the symptoms and fighting the disease so people don’t see its true effects. That only leaves between 40-50% of my energy to raise the boys, run the house, sort the finances, study, write and keep everything together. The hardest part of it is not knowing from one day to the next, what symptoms, what attacks, what the hell is going to happen. It is really a ticking time bomb. On a recent visit to the doctors, the doctor was talking to me and all I could think of was the old loony tunes cartoons (appropriate!) When they used to have one of those round black bombs lit and were running around with it and you knew it was going to explode. Lol... that's Meniere’s... a ticking time bomb. Also this gives you an insight to how my warped mind works... the boys understand me lol 😎😎

Some days are easier than others. Today was one of the days when Meniere’s beat me…
zero energy to fight it. The daily inner fight is the part people do not understand or appreciate about invisible illnesses. I did not until I was diagnosed, and it progressed further. You think you are invincible. The effort it takes to live a “normal” life should never be underestimated, especially when you consider the Meniere’s is only the tip of the iceberg and other symptoms include dizziness, the room spinning at bedtime, the trips and falls, nausea, jaw pain, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, tinnitus, fluctuations in hearing, sensory overload (patterns, lights, noise), the panic attacks when you think you are going to start with an attack and then concentrate on not having an attack so forget what you are supposed to be doing, not knowing if the right words are coming out of your mouth and the damned brain fog. We deal with all this through laughter especially the brain fog. I will forget a word or get the words the wrong way around – a bit like Yoda but unintentionally.

All this, goes on behind the scenes. Very few see it and even less understand it. I don’t want sympathy or understanding. I would love more research and a cure. As a family, we have learned to live with it. The boys know the not so good days and adjust their behaviour accordingly. I feel sometimes that society and this wretched Government have written me and others like me, off. I won’t get a job and be able to keep it unless there is a full appreciation of the unpredictability of this illness. I need flexibility and the ability to self-manage the symptoms and life. Ironically, it is a balancing act!

I refuse to be written off and wither away without leaving my legacy. That is why my PhD work and my writing means so much to me. It is personal. My political fight continues, now more than ever. I want to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves. So, I am not “normal”. Normal is overrated. My illness drives and motivates me. I am a fighter and always will be.

Much love

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Stop making excuses for Racism, Bigotry and Misogyny…

Enough is enough. Are we really regressing into the past world of segregation and inhumanity? I make no apology in saying that unless these attacks are directed at you, you do not personally know what it feels like. 

My eldest son is mixed race. His Dad is British like me yet since Brexit, my son has suffered racism and a change in attitude towards him. I see it too when we are walking around the supermarket – the looks he gets, the disdain, the women who suddenly clutch their bags tighter, not to mention the under the breath comments.  It is repulsive and disgusting and legitimised by world leaders and politicians. He tells me how it makes him feel but I can't imagine it, just as he can't imagine how demoralising it is for me to be treated with contempt because I am female. I don't want tokenism, I want fairness and equality based upon my experience and hard work just as my son wants to be treated as the good, British citizen that he is. His patriotism is far stronger than any one flying a flag on a Britain First march. He cares about this country and exercises his right to question the cruel, inequality of this Tory Government, not for him but for his fellow citizens. 

Freedom of speech does not include allowing hate speech. I certainly feel that we are going backwards and if we do not get a grip of it, there will be irreversible damage. Equality is NOT political correctness. It is common decency and well, humanity. 

If we really want to address inequality, we must stop treating people differently and sticking labels on each and everyone of us. Forget the information based on gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. We are ALL human beings. I have never approved of equal opportunity monitoring forms. They do not help equality, nor do they serve any purpose other than to provide statistical analysis for employers and Government agencies. Let's face it…in the current climate, it is more than likely, the information will be used to discriminate. Flouting equality laws has become the new norm legitimised by changes in the legal systems making it impossible for any legal redress due to the cuts in legal aid and spiralling tribunal fees. The changes in the legal system was no coincidence. The Tories have planned this divide and rule strategy, systematically singling out sections of our communities for derision and attack.

Then there is our "special relationship" partner. Trump is a racist and was a racist before he was elected. His popularity repulsed me and to have even socialists, telling me he was a better choice than the Democrats, only demonstrated how little regard some people have for equality. There is no excuse at all for racism, bigotry and misogyny yet, during both Brexit and the USA presidential campaign, they were not only brushed off, they were actively incorporated into the campaigns. This is not ignorance, this is a calculated act of pure evil. Have we forgotten what our previous generations fought for? The fact that Trump made his "shithole" comments then could dishonour Martin Luther King just shows how ignorant we are becoming. This ignorance MUST be stamped out NOW. We must use our voices to educate our children and make sure they understand the struggles of the past do not become their new fights of the future. We need to arm future generations with the tools to promote true equality, to eradicate the world of labels, categories and types. We are ALL human beings. 

Now, more than ever, anyone who truly believes in equality, should be fighting together to stop any attempts of Governments and world leaders to try and divide our communities based upon gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual preferences. 


Much love