Saturday, 21 December 2013

WOW! I'm an Author!

So I am getting ready to make Christmas Day a very special one for my loved ones, when a letter drops through the letter box from my publishers. Opening it, I have this fear that they are going to tell me my book isn’t good enough after all and it won’t be published! NO! Reading it, the fear turns to overwhelming joy when it is, in fact my provisional publication date of the 23rd January 2014, just over a month away.

Even writing this I have goose bumps and finally, I can actually believe that I am a writer, an Author. I have beaten all the adversity in my life, illness and most of all the lack of self belief that has plagued me for so much of my life. Finally, all the hard work has paid off and what makes it even more special is that my two precious boys are so excited and have told me how proud they are of me, which may seem trivial to some people but to me it means EVERYTHING.

Today is an incredibly special day for me and my family. All the adversity we have been through is behind us and led us to the place we are at now. Today signifies the future and 2014 promises to be such a memorable year. I am living proof that with hard work and determination you can achieve whatever it is you want. You just have to go out and get it.

I would like to personally thank my Mum, Dad, my sister Lisa, my two very good friends Julie and Jo for all your support this year. You have all kept me going when the self-doubt crept back in. Most of all I want to thank my two boys who, quite simply, light up my life.  

I hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas and a very successful 2014. 

The launch party date will follow….


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fancy Sponsoring a rising star in Rugby League

This letter was written by my son, Wesley. He is looking for sponsorship for his scholarship team at Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Football Club. It would be great if his hard work and committment was rewarded with sponsorship.  

Dear All,

I am fifteen years old. I am in my final year of my GCSE’s at Boston Spa School and have been accepted as a Scholarship player at Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Club. I first played rugby at six years old and since then have wanted to play professionally. I work incredibly hard and I am determined to give my all to succeed.

Unlike Super League clubs, Sheffield Eagles and all Championship clubs do not receive any money from the Rugby Football League for youth development.  In spite of this, the club works really hard to develop home grown talent and I am privileged to have been given this opportunity. 

I am looking for a sponsor to help continue their work and to ensure more people like me get the chance to follow their dreams.  I wondered whether you would be interested in sponsoring me. Any donation, whatever size would be greatly appreciated.

The sponsorship packages available are:

Gold Package – Cost £1,000

Scholarship Team Shirt Shoulder Advertising

Acknowledgement on the club website, in the programme and on the iphone app.

2 Eagles Club (VIP) tickets for Sheffield Eagles RLFC matches in 2014

Publicity opportunities using the scholars at company and advertising events.

Silver Package – Cost £300

Acknowledgement on the club website, in the programme and on the iphone app.

2 Eagles Club (VIP) tickets for Sheffield Eagles RLFC matches in 2014

Bronze Package – Cost £100

Acknowledgement on the club website, in the programme and on the iphone app.

Please note that a scholarship player is allowed as many sponsors as possible in multiples of £100.

The sponsorship provides significant help to the club for playing and training kits, training facilities, pitch fees, physiotherapists and medical staff.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you would like to ask any questions or speak to someone, please contact my Mum, Pam Charles at or you can email me on or contact Sheffield Eagles on
0114 261 0326. Their website is

Yours faithfully