Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Thank you Mr King... I can call myself an author...I think!

Last week was not a particularly great week for me. Lucas is having a really hard time with a mystery illness at the moment. It's such a worrying time but he is under the care of our wonderful NHS and we will in time get to the bottom it.

When he is off, I do try to continue to write but always around his needs. By the end of the week though I get really frustrated and upset with myself because I haven't done as much I wanted to do. I really have to stop beating myself up and remember I am only ONE human being.

Last Friday saw the first anniversary of the release of Beyond the Past. I can not believe where the year has gone and more so what I have done in that twelve months. In 2014 I faced my ghosts and in 2015 I intend to be a Ghostbuster (Yes cue the 1980s movie theme music. "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"). I couldn't find the photograph of Wes and I with the Ghostbuster car in Florida, taken pre-Menieres. All my past insecurities, worries and people who have treated me badly have been left in 2014.

If you would like to read the interview I gave on the first anniversary of being a published author, it's here.

GoodReads Giveway 

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Beyond the Past

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The first three chapters of Beyond the Past are posted on my website to give you a taster 

This weekend, I read an article by Stephen King - 22 lessons on how to be a great writer - read it hereIt gave me so much heart, encouragement and confidence. So much so I have printed it out and keep it on my desk. Without knowing it, I have been doing the twenty one of the twenty two points but I do need to work on finishing a draft in three months. Whilst knowing I have something in common with such a master of his trade, it may not help me sell any more books but it does provides me with enough confidence to know I am on the right track. After all, Mr King's first book was turned down by publishers and later went on to sell over one million copies. There is HOPE for all of us.And before anyone twists my words, I am in no way comparing my novice writing to such a great writer!

Beyond the Lies

Followers will know this is a sequel to Beyond the Past and is in my editing stage before I release it to the publishers and editors. This book has taken longer than I wanted but I wanted to get it right. The hatchet job is going well. There is no greater critic than yourself.

Facebook Groups

I want to say a huge thank you to the readers and contributors of all the book and author groups that I am part of on Facebook and the parents in the parenting blogging groups. Writing is a solitary business and it has to be in order for you to create. Having fellow writers and readers on hand to help thrash out queries, give and receive advice and have a laugh with, is priceless. Never under estimate the effect one positive comment can have on lifting someone’s spirits. I love receiving constructive comments and feedback and you lovely lot never disappoint. 

This week I have been asked what’s the one lesson you have learned over the first twelve months of being an author? I have actually learned so much but without doubt the one thing I have done is grown a thick skin. As a writer, as in life you need to weed out constructive, well-meaning criticism from the nasty, vindictive, green eyed monster criticism. Not everyone that smiles at you, wishes you well! I’m following Mr King’s advice and primarily writing for myself. Not everyone will love what you do.That's okay by me.

From Behind the Painted Smile

I started this and then started again. I aim to finish the draft in three months, subject to marketing, childhood illnesses and everything else that is thrown at me – obviously if I can fight ghosts I can find anything!

Rugby League

So the new era of rugby league starts at the beginning of February and I have to admit, I am really excited about it. I was never a fan of the franchise system and love a good relegation battle, obviously as long as my team is not in it!! Lots of you have asked how Wes is doing in the Academy and I am happy to report he is working hard and loving every minute of it although he has said this week, if he doesn’t make it in rugby league, he would like the opportunity to play NFL!! I’d love the opportunity to spend some time in the US but I have a feeling it won’t be for a long time yet.

The Academy games start in March. I’m looking forward to seeing them play and the road trips, even the one to Swansea! It’s been a long pre-season. Good luck to everyone in rugby league this year but especially the Sheffield Eagles’ teams (Yes I am biased!).

New Book Idea

You never know when the new idea will come to you and whether that first tiny seed is big enough or strong enough to grow into a full story. That is a huge problem when you are trying to set timetables for your writing. However it is a problem I can definitely live with!! So I spent the whole of yesterday writing a synopsis for another new book idea, that's why the blog is late. I don't have a title yet. As usual I have fallen in love with the characters and if I follow the advice of three months per draft I should be able to write four books this year. YEAH RIGHT! In my dreams and maybe if I could lock myself away which will never happen! With the current state of affairs – Menieres, single Mum and chauffeur – I’d be happy with two books per year and marketing of the other books. I have to remember I may be a ghostbuster but I’m not Wonder Woman.

Harry's Last Stand

I am currently reading this. One thing we mustn't EVER lose sight of is the sacrifice millions made for our freedom. We all take our lives for granted. My job as a Mum is to ensure that my children remain humbled and understand what sacrifices others made for them to have a the life they have today. Harry is a true hero to me. 

Well, I'm off to meet my new deadline. Have a fabulous week and enjoy every moment of it.




  1. Just read the interview! Great knowing you....a Wuthering Heights fan here as well! ;)
    Congrats on the anniversary!

  2. Thank you so much Aditi. I'm glad you love Wuthering Heights too. Who is your favourite character? My favourite is Heathcliff

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