Sunday, 31 January 2016

Goodbye January 2016…

Well, our January has been super productive and in many ways a positive start to 2016. Lucas has been amazing, working so hard at school and really putting the effort in with his football and cricket training. Wes has been super stressed, mainly caused by adults stressing him out over his A Levels. I hate that – I get that they want them to do well BUT please, putting them under stress for your data is no way to get them to do well. It’s important they are focused yet relaxed. The brain does not work well when it is stressed – trust me, I know! Rugby pre-season training has been tough but he thrives in tough situations and that makes me super proud. Keep it up boys x

The month has been marred by two things for me:

  1. Sadly, the number of people who we have lost that had such an influential part in my life – from David Bowie and his breaking down of boundaries; Alan Rickman for his undeniable talent and many others including today, Terry Wogan. It does make you sit up and take note of your own mortality. It has even made me more determined to keep going and leave my individual mark on the work, just as these icons of my childhood did. 
  2. The blatant racism and hatred that is engulfing the world. It is appalling politicians are stirring up divisions for their own sick agenda. We are all human beings!! Well, all us decent folk, who believe we are all equal regardless of race, religion, gender, ability. Labels are specifically designed to cause oppression. ‪#‎dropthelabels


Well, I did it. The application for and PhD proposal has been submitted. Why shouldn’t I try and fulfil this? Why? I’m sick of doubting myself or rather, sick of people putting doubts in my mind. The best way to silence your critics is SUCCESS. Whilst looking for my degree certificate, I found this - my outstanding achievement award.

The only obstacle is FINANCE – the story of my chuffing life! However, I am very resourceful and where there is a will, there is a way!


I’ve regained my focus and composure, instead of flitting from half-finished projects. Before Christmas, I was unwell and lost. Now, I have bounced back and could not be any more organised if I tried. I aim to complete six projects this year – we’ll measure the success at the end of the year.

Beyond the Past

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New Ideas

It is so frustrating… to get half way through a job, wake up in the middle of the night or be on a school run when a new idea hits you! I pray my Meniere’s sodden brain will hold the thought until I can write it down. I have, in the past, sat for a whole hour in a lay-by at the side of the road and written my new idea on the back of tesco receipts – honestly I have! That is how Streetwise started.

Like today – a new idea has been formulating all day from an article I read this morning. I’ve broken off from the ironing and from writing this blog, to scribble notes down. I literally have over thirty outline ideas and I really wish I had enough time to sit and develop them all NOW. I know I have to be patient but every new idea is super exciting. Patience is not one of my virtues and contrary to popular belief I do have a few.


Beyond the Lies. What can I say? It’s a blooming good job only one person, other than me of course, has read the original manuscript because it has been well and truly butchered.
When I wrote Beyond the Past, I admit I was totally naïve and just wrote it, from the heart, no holds barred. The more I learn my new craft, I realise I made loads of mistakes and take little comfort in the fact that very famous authors write they made the same mistakes too. 

This new novel is better structured and actually demonstrates how much I have learnt over the past year.

My first novel was not perfect but you have to start somewhere. If you don’t try, how do you know if you can hack it? I’m not going to kick myself over the mistakes I made – there’s plenty of other people who will do it anyway! 

I keep editing, keep writing and more importantly, keep learning.

Right, I’m off to put the homemade lasagna in the oven. Make this week, the week you decide to follow your dreams.

Love you all.

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