Friday, 26 February 2016

Haters are going to hate…

And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You could spend your whole life analyzing why some people are so vindictive and nasty but you won't ever understand unless you can climb into their head. NOW THAT is a very scary thought. Very scary indeed.

Some people will always be negative about you and take great delight in trying to bring you down. I can only imagine they are so unhappy in their own lives, their only way to express their frustration is to attack your attempts to succeed in life. You can be honest without being nasty – a lesson many adults need to learn. It should give us all hope. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is just what it is - AN OPINION. Over analyzing the haters deficiencies will not get you where you want to be.

I have had to grow a thick skin and ignore silly adults, hell bent on de-railing my quest to start a new career.  I learned people would go to any length to be malicious, regardless of the consequences, such as changing a review from positive to negative because I wouldn't engage in a discussion on facebook. Then, getting a friend of theirs from facebook to write a similar review – someone who writes ten reviews a day! Now, call me a cynic but I doubt anyone can read and review ten books a day and work! If you're going to try and deceive people, at least be good at it. Anyway, I was warned there were these type of people out there and I have put it down to experience; an important lesson on how NOT to behave. 

The world is such a mean place at the moment and Britain is no longer great in my eyes because of a vindictive and divisive Government. I don't understand how Ministers claim we are the fifth biggest economy in the world when they are persecuting the disabled, we have foodbanks and more children live in poverty. One Tory MP claimed nearly £3,000 per week expenses last year – A WEEK, total £144,792 in a year, over and above the salary received. The very same MP campaigned to have £30 per week taken off disability payments. Totally and utterly repulsive!

All I would like to see, is a fair and equal society. We don't want anything for nothing. We are not like that. We will always work hard to succeed and bounce back from the obstacles put in our way. However, it is really hard as a parent, to keep children motivated and hopeful, and convince them that hard work provides more choices when those choices are being eroded by a government that should work in our favour, not against us. This Government want young people to save, yet forces them into debt before they even earn a penny! I despair when Ministers discuss mental health issues when they are one of the direct causes for worry and anxiety in our society. Children get the rough end of any callous cuts – tax credits, student grants, VAT, parents taking on more hours so not around to bring their children up, teacher shortages, pressure of teacher targets, lack of NHS care… I think you get the message. 

Too much pressure is put onto families and, even if you shield your children, it is hard for them not to feel the effects of a reduction in money coming into a house or lack of money in schools, etc. 

Our future generations don't seem to matter anymore. If they work hard to go to University, they leave with a huge debt. On leaving University, if they are lucky enough to get a job, they pay tax and national insurance that is supposed to provide a free NHS and a welfare safety net, should anything untoward occur. Only to find, decades later, the safety net has been withdrawn by the government who decided they will shift that money away and bail out banks, those who directly benefit from the debts you have accrued! Ever wondered why we are forced into having bank accounts and discouraged from using cash?  And we wonder why mental health is at crisis point! Jeez, it is time we all woke up and realised it is ALL a big con and we are feed lie after lie. Anyway, I'll stop there as my blood pressure rises.


Beyond the Lies

The full extent of the conspiracy to frame former rugby player, Mark Smith, for rape over twenty years ago, starts to emerge. Even DCI Harry Fisher had no inclination his investigation would lead to the most elusive, yet prolific criminal mind of a generation.

Is finally finished!! Yes, the sequel to Beyond the Past has passed my severe criticism!! I rushed publishing my first novel – I was broke, on my own and needed to kick start my career. We all have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, I'm still broke but live in hope of a better life. In the meantime, I am lucky enough to be able to do what I love to do.

The synopsis is almost completed and this project will be off to the publishers this week.

Beyond the Past

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Here I go again… I have re-edited it! I know, I'm my own worst critic but fresh eyes after time away is a brilliant way to improve your writing.

The Nanny

This started as a book, then I changed it to a script. Guess what? It's a book again. Scripts are great but the beauty of writing a book is the description and characters building – the devil is always in the detail. You never know, I may adapt the book to a script as a future project.

But I love you

This is the working title of my latest idea about domestic abuse, highlighting the horrors for all family members. As with all my books, there is a twist! More coming soon…

Happy Birthday my superstar!!

My baby boy is officially a man this weekend, although in my mind he has been an adult for many, many years but he will ALWAYS be my baby. I am so proud of the man he has turned out to be and the world is a much better place with such a kind, determined, generous and thoughtful soul as his. At his request, we are having a low key celebration. I feel very honoured and privileged to be his Mum and his number one fan of course.

We've shared so many fantastic memories and laughs and many more to come. We have incredibly special relationship that I really cherish and never take for granted.

Well, it's time to kick this celebratory weekend off. Have a great weekend and I hope next week brings you all that you deserve.


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