Monday, 14 March 2016

I'm sick of...

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I'm sick of being embarrassed by the blatant prejudice and racism occurring all over the world. It's hard not to be ashamed right now. The racism and prejudice is unprecedented in my lifetime and even worse as it is being stirred up by the governments and senior politicians. I just wish people would wake up and realise that our enemies are not the sick, the disabled, the refugees nor immigrants. Too many people in power have gone down the route of scapegoating sections of society – have we not learned anything from history? Clearly not! But then again, many people are ignorant to past struggles. The decades of fighting for peace and equal rights have been eroded away and we are returning to being totally uncivilised and barbaric. The real enemy of the UK is its own Government and their cushy 'friends'. 

I am sick of hearing the argument 'migrants keep our wages low.' NO! NO! NO! Government policies of allowing employers to ride rough shot over workers' rights keeps wages low; flooding the market with unskilled, uneducated workers after they leave an education system that has failed them, causes workforce problems. Treating young people with utter contempt doesn't build a future thriving workforce either. When will people sit up and take note at what these people are doing to our fabulous country?

I'm sick of hearing the NHS is failing.  We all contribute to the NHS so it is about bloody time we received the service we pay for! We have fabulous employees just a totally useless management and a Health Secretary who is too arrogant to listen to professionally qualified people.

I'm sick of hearing that Labour caused the financial crisis because of over spending. No, if you listen to economic experts instead of the right wing press, you will know the banks, capitalism and deregulation caused the crisis and it will go on, until we have someone in power who is prepared to forcibly stop the cycle.

I'm sick of people moaning about quantitative easing for infrastructure investment. It was used to prop up the whole banking system – a private sector – yet its frowned upon for national infrastructure schemes. Why? Investments in road and rail will encourage private business investment and encourage growth not stifle it. 

For those of you, like me that were around when Thatcher privatised the railways and energy industry, you will remember we were promised greater, private investment on infrastructure and cheaper prices due to increased competition. How did it work for you? In reality, we have high prices and the infrastructure is supported by Government money or levies that we are being charged! A double whammy we just accept! Imagine if the UK Government owned the utilities and the vast profits were re-invested into the NHS rather than lining the pockets of the fat cat CEOs and our bankers. Please think about it. Alternatives are always available.

It is time Governments take control away from businesses and start acting in the best interests of the people they are there to serve. It is our responsibility, each and every one of us, to hold them to account and not just at election time. Who's with me? Let's all make a better future for our children and their children.

Rugby League

Regrettably, the Sheffield Eagles' Board of Directors decided to disband the Reserves team which means Wes and all his team mates are left outside the sport they have dedicated so much time to. It is hugely disappointing but that is sport I suppose.  It was heart wrenching for me as a Mum especially when you've always made clear hard work pays off. I have watched Wes train so hard from August last year without a break, through the whole of winter and travel three times a week after long school days from Leeds to Sheffield. He has stayed totally committed even when it seemed his body did not have one ounce of energy left. To see so many young lads unceremoniously dumped from a tough sport was heart breaking. However, I was so proud of Wes. He took the decision well and was more concerned over the welfare of the distraught coaching staff. 

Wes is taking a few weeks off to assess his options. He has not had a break since the age of six. Sport is a cruel world and as much as I love the sport, this is another example of rugby league's youth system being an absolute shambles. Let's hope we can get some more forward thing people, like Mark and Ged, in positions of power to help future generations and save our sport.

I crashed out

Last week, I think everything came to a head. My body packed up. I was totally floored by some sort of virus. It wiped me and for the whole week I felt a really bad mother. Thankfully, it was just in my head! The boys are fine, more than fine. They looked after me really well. Now I'm back on my feet and the world better watch out…

Sport Relief

Lucas is taking part in a cake baking competition, cake sale and sponsored run. The theme for the cake competition was promoting a healthy lifestyle – a perfect contradiction I thought. So, we made carrot cake.

It was a lot fun, spending time with Lucas, doing what he loves to do. It's funny though… the helps stops once there is a call to wash up!


Beyond the Past

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Beyond the Lies

This is finished! The delay in submitting it due solely to being out of it last week. I know people are waiting for it and I promise you it is worth the wait.


While I was laid up last week, I took part in an online University of East Anglia Introduction to Screenwriting course. It's always good to know if you are on the right track especially if you are self-taught. I really enjoyed the course and picked up some very useful tips. As a result, I have some editing to do to Streetwise as I wish to add some additional scenes. This is this week's project providing there are no fires to put out!

The Nanny

This follows Streetwise and is my next major project. I started this as a screenplay but have decided to convert it to a book. There are too many interesting characters that deserve more development and details description.

If this last few weeks has taught us anything, it is how uncertain the future really is. Make the most of NOW, in the grand scheme of things that is all we have control over anyway.
Enjoy your week and be brave.

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