Monday, 28 March 2016

I'm proud to be a socialist…

I suppose it is so easy for some people to get sucked into lies and I guess some people find it easy to lie. I honestly don't know how some people live with themselves but then if you don't have a conscience, you don't have a problem with lies, deceit and hurting people with your actions. I'm not sure whether it's a conscious decision in their lives to behave in this way or whether their life experience and/or lack of decent role models, make them that way. Either way, it actually disgusts me when people go out of their way to hurt someone else.

I know I made a very conscious decision many years ago that I was, indeed, a socialist. All I want is true equality, honesty, integrity and social justice - surely it's not too much to ask for, is it? It was a VERY conscious decision and something I am very proud of. It makes me smile when people try to insult me with labels such as 'Marxist', 'Leftie' or 'Commie'. Actually, they are not insulting words to me so thank you very much. I would rather be the way I am than a self-centred bigoted capitalist. When you hit them with this response, they have no idea what you are talking about and, I suspect, they don't really know what a Marxist or Communist is either. 

My son asked me if I was a feminist. When I explained to him the meaning of the word, he smiled and replied, 'no Mum you're not.' I asked him why he thought that and his reply was, 'because you want everyone to be treated the same.' Nine years old and he has a greater understanding of the world than most adults.

It's been a terribly sad week with tragic events in Turkey, Belgium, Iraq and Pakistan. My heart goes out to all those affected by these horrific events and to the wonderful emergency services, saving lives has no borders. In the UK, the media frenzy has been truly sickening at times. Why give these disgusting low life's the airtime? That is what they crave! It's time we fought harder for peace and pressed for Governments to actively stop the manufacture and sales of arms. Regrettably, the sale of arms is big business which ultimately is more important than saving the lives of people who they are supposed to represent. How do they sleep at night?

Sports Relief

So Lucas' carrot cake won first prize in the bake off competition. He was chuffed to bits.

Those best ideas…

Well, I had this fabulous idea of taking the boys over to Blackpool for the day to blow the cobwebs off and fill our lungs with some fresh, sea air. Unfortunately, it resulted in a wipeout virus for me, over Easter. I am still suffering but actually don't feel spaced out today – not sure that is a good or bad thing! Thankfully, we had all agreed we wanted an easy, chilled weekend. It has been just that. Lovely family time.


The Day Job... 

Beyond the Lies

Is ready for submission.  I just want to check the synopsis again tomorrow… yes…check, check and check again. 

Beyond the Past

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The re-write is going well. This is my wall plan!! I love it! It's very dramatic and such an important issue – homelessness







The Nanny

It's been quite appropriate working on this in the week of the centenary of the Easter rising. The research into the Troubles has lit old flames within me. It's easy to write about a subject that absolutely fascinates you.

I hope you have all had a peaceful Easter weekend. I have four days until the boys have a two s school holiday. I'm looking forward to lots of early morning writing followed by Mum/Sons time – we are planning a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and to see Eddie the Eagle – the movie not the man! What are your plans?

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