Saturday, 31 December 2016

Stronger, wiser, happier…

2016 has been strange, appalling, a political nightmare yet exciting, enthralling and a foundation year for my gorgeous family.

I've had a decade or so of coming to terms with Meniere's, handling the day to day symptoms while being undermined by people who I thought loved me as I loved them. All this on top of trying to keep going and forge a new career. I've very much felt like I have been swimming against the tide and getting caught in the rips. It's been a continual fight of who people want me to be and who I am. 

In 2016, I won the battle. Whilst we lost people dear to us, Wes and I agree, 2016 has not been a bad year for us. 

Lessons of 2016

     1. You can't put a band aid on an open wound and expect it to heal. You must deal with the problem head on. Operation Freedom!

2. Value myself more. I've achieved so much in the last five years. I have raised two amazing human beings; taught myself how to write scripts; received peer reviews for my work that dreams are made of; started a MSc Information Technology. No one can accuse me of sitting around waiting for a break or being lazy or #getajob. I've laid the foundations to progress my career and if the pending decisions go my way, I will have dragged myself from the brink of Meniere's induced destruction to a new self-fulfilled life and career. I hope it shows to the boys that, whatever is thrown at you, you can dust yourself down and fight back.

     3.    Do not accept what is not right.

4.    To continue to fight for equality, justice and bring hope. This year's political fallout has been huge. Jeremy Corbyn brings hope and if he is given a chance, he can provide a real opportunity to stop inequality and injustice.In 2017 Labour need to take the gloves off and promote the fact that their leader has been genuinely anti-establishment for 40 years AND been on the right side of history in most poor decisions made.  

Jeremy Corbyn has the anti-racist, sensible answers to steer us through Brexit and the crises made by the Tories in Education, NHS, Social Care, Social Security, Foreign policy... in fact every blooming Department but especially the economy.

You won't see this video on TV. It's worth watching - click here

DON'T LISTEN TO THE MEDIA...listen to him and his policies. GIVE HIM A CHANCE. 2017 will bring new challenges and fights. WHO IS WITH ME? Let's eradicate hate, war and inequality…together.
     5.    I've realised, me trusting people, is not the reason why people treat me badly and I will continue to, although cautiously, trust people.

     6.    I treasure my family time with the boys so much. We have grown so much closer this year.

I want to fix the world – my way! I can't believe how far I have come this year and I am, genuinely, for the first time, excited to see what's in store for my precious family in 2017.

#RIPDebbieReynolds - #RIPCarrieFisher

I am truly devastated to be writing this. I want to pay tribute to Debbie Reynolds who was very much an icon to me. I admired her so much and from my early teens (maybe younger) was mesmerized by her in Singin' in the Rain. Both her and Carrie were so much more than brilliant actors, they were thoroughly decent human beings, power houses and truly kind spirited women. The world is a lesser place without these two incredibly decent, strong women.

Advice for 2017

Love it, live it and if you hit a brick wall or fall flat on your face – GET BACK UP and love it and live it again.

2016 will always be the year I was released from the shackles. Thank you for all your support. I started this blog to promote my work and record my journey in my new career. Never, ever did I imagine anyone would read it… LOL… 42,000+ viewings on and we are still here… together.  Blowing a kiss to each one of you.

Have a simply fabulous, safe News Year's Eve. See you in 2017

Much love

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