Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Thank you Lord Mayor of Wetherby

Yesterday evening I felt deeply honoured to be invited to the Town Council meeting.

Lord Mayor of Wetherby, Councillor Alan Lamb took time out of a busy schedule to receive his copy of my book. 

The book is set in Leeds with Wetherby Police Station as the base for DCI Fisher and DS Davies. The book is a crime romance and follows the lives of the former professional rugby league player, Mark Smith and his new love Annie Swift. In the height of his playing days, Mark Smith was a talented rugby player and the consummate professional. He was accused of raping a girl in a totally fabricated story that could have ended his career. It did end his marriage. He never found out the whole truth surrounding the allegations. Decades on, Mark is retired and works as a TV pundit. At a charity event, Annie Swift caught his eye. Slender and radiant, she lit up the room. Their relationship begins to blossom but out of the blue, Annie and Mark start to receive malicious texts, notes and being followed by a car. When Mark approaches the car, he is knocked off his feet. 

DCI Fisher, the investigating officer only realises the gravity of the case when they are run off the road in a horrific motorway accident. He requests assistance from DS Phillipa Davies, someone he had admired from afar after sharing a Christmas party kiss. Together they unravel the case and find they share a love for rough, playful sex. The extent of the twenty year conspiracy against Mark unfolds with disastrous consequences.

Both my boys play rugby league in Wetherby and my youngest also plays football for Wetherby Tigers Football Club.

The first three chapters are available to read free online at The book is available from , Amazon and major bookstores.

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