Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How time flies when you're having fun


Well I have made it through the first six months of being an author. I have yet to see any money from it and whilst it has probably been the hardest financial struggle of our lives we have survived, just! I can honestly say even with unnecessary and unwanted distractions, I have loved every minute of it. I have worked incredibly hard, faced adversity and come through the other side much stronger and even more determined to succeed. Everyone loves a challenge, don't they?

I didn't make my deadline of the 30th June 2014 but I do have some very good excuses!!  After chapter 13 of the sequel, Beyond the Lies I didn't like it! Well, that is a bit strong, it just wasn't flowing so I stopped and went back to the beginning. Lots of things have changed in book two now and I am really happy and excited about it. So, I lay down a new deadline for the first draft for the 31st July 2014. In addition, the world cup has been on and I have been working very hard to market Beyond the Past. Some evenings I sit and can't believe the amount of work I have got through including designing my own marketing material - like this:

So here we go to the new deadline. Let the early mornings and late nights continue. There is no substitute for hard work.

The Education Trust for Wetherby

Monday 30 June 2014 I spoke to 125 Year 8 students at Wetherby High School. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was really impressed with the level of intellectual questions asked. It was my first public engagement as an author so will always hold a special place in my journey.


I am waiting for photographs to come and will post them
once I receive them. It was a great experience and a fabulous way to start the week. I don't know about you all but I had some slides for my presentation and some notes. Once I got into the flow of it, I didn't use my notes. On reflection, I always look back and think 'I forgot that' or 'I should have done that' but all in all I was happy with the outcome of the day.


So the book appeared on Kindle on Friday the 27th June and it is selling well, thank you. You can still read the 1st three chapters FREE at www.pamcharles.com. I was incredibly proud that within 24 hours the kindle book had reached the dizzy heights of the top 50,000 downloads on Amazon UK and it is continuing to sell. Long may it continue ...

Authors DB

I was very pleased to see I made the top 50 authors on the AuthorsDB, it is so nice to receive recognition when your new to an industry.


We have made final preparations for the last two away games this week, believe me when you have two children at very different ages, it seems to be a logistical nightmare to please them both but I have managed it again! On Saturday we travel to Cumbria then next Thursday to Cheltenham. Believe me it is worth every mile to see the smile on my son's face when he walks out onto that pitch with his teammates. Good luck to all the players in the scholarship.

Providing a helping hand (not Maradonna style!)

I can't go without adding something about the Suarez situation seen as, even people with no interest in football or justice have waded into the debate.There is nothing wrong in wanting to see the good in people.

So let's clear the Suarez thing up from my viewpoint. The punishment does not fit the crime!! Its as simple as that. Quite clearly this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable and I am not condoning what he did. However there were over 30 cameras in that stadium and we haven't seen other angles. As I said in my last blog it is about fairness and a fair trial, not a trial by the media. Whatever the outcome of an appeal, you do not isolate someone if they are experiencing difficulties and I am sure all the mental health charities will support that. Suarez needs people around him that can help him. I'm all for forgiveness and tolerance, even more so these days as I realise the world is changing. It's a good job really because for me it is far worse for a groups of adults to hound a child out of a sports club through jealousy than an adult who needs professional help. I find the double standards laughable really.

What is pleasing for me is the fact that even my seven year old has a very strong opinion on fairness and he has learned in a very short period of time that the world is an unfair and unequal place.In addition it has been a time when we have discussed what is acceptable and unacceptable. Whilst no one is condoning what was done, it is truly disgusting, it has been a great lesson to teach my boys about how to behave, much easier than me just droning on about manners and setting high standards. Lead by example!

The storm will blow over like it did with Maradona, George Best, Zidane and everyone else that have, or will in the future make silly mistakes or wrong decisions. All I know is that in times of trouble you don't turn your back -  you roll your sleeves up and pitch in. Those of you that ask for a life time ban, think again when you take part in hideous acts, mind you I doubt they even know what they are doing is wrong. If you call for life time bans, then it has to apply to everyone, surely?  If Suarez stays or leaves is up to him and the club. I am sure Liverpool, under Brendan Rodgers guidance will be successful with or without him.

I accept that I quite clearly see things differently to the rest of the world but I am prepared to own that and stand by my own convictions. Then again it was reassuring to hear from so many people this week that actually agreed with my viewpoint. The world would be incredibly boring if we all agreed and conformed to what the media and government tell us. On the other hand, the world would be a far better place if we all showed compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. 

Mental health is a serious issue and should not be scorned or ridiculed. That's why State of Mind rugby are acknowledged in my book. Their work is vital

It's time to focus on the great things great people do. I want to wish all Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the voluntary mountain rescue teams and all the volunteers well for the LeTour Yorkshire. The Tour De France is on my bucket list but rugby league commitments mean I am in Barrow in Furness when the Tour passes less than a mile from my home. On top of that I have to take a detour to get over to Cumbria due to the road closures. Now that's Sod's Law!! I hope it is a massive success for Yorkshire in particular our fabulous local businesses. Viva Le Tour!!!

A quick thank you to all my twitter followers on both the book (@BeyondthePast1) and my account (@CharlespR2D2) – pop over and say hello.

Have a great week. I won't be posting again until after the British Grand Prix on Sunday. I can't make it this year but I have promised myself, once the royalties are in, that is where you will find me this time next year, rugby league permitting of course.

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