Monday, 28 July 2014

Busy but very happy...

What can I say, other than WOW, thank you. Thank you for your fabulous reaction to last week’s blog. I am touched that people have taken the time to offer their support and discuss their unfortunate encounters on social media. It proves that talking about these things can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives. It is truly amazing how much your goodwill and comments have lifted my spirit and boosted my confidence. Don’t EVER suffer in silence.
(For free advice you can go to @StopWebBullying (twitter), @bullyinguk (twitter) or their website - The local police station also have free advice.)

It’s been a very busy but productive week. 

Both my twitter accounts are doing exceptionally well. @charlespR2D2 I have 825 followers now and the book @BeyondthePast1 has over 700, which is fabulous. My google plus account has had nearly 45,000 viewings – sorry I am a geek when it comes to numbers, stems from my Insurance Broking days! I just find it mind boggling how you can reach people internationally at a click of a button. I am still getting to grips with Instagram though – pam.charles.

Tuesday evening I attended Wetherbyhour, a live local business networking group. It was held at the Fox & Hounds in Walton, North Yorkshire. It was a great evening and I met some wonderful people working hard to build their businesses up. We had some taster food from the menu including pigeon and chocolate brownies (not at the same time!). The food was amazing and we will be going back for a meal at some point. I highly recommend it. I really enjoyed the event and will be attending the next live event armed with my book and lots of information.Big shout out to Olley and Olley.

And as always to Jo Maltby who does a fabulous job in organising these events. Thank you Jo, who incidentally won Town Person of the Year in Wetherby - honoured to be in such company x

Wednesday morning I gave myself a morning off and guess what? YES, I was wide awake at 4am! Boy it’s unbelievable how quickly your brain becomes trained into a routine. So instead, I finished the re-write of the first thirteen chapters of Beyond the Lies, the sequel to Beyond the Past. I’d previously written the 100,000+ words but it didn’t get to me. So, I decided to redo it. It has taken a while and has set back the completion deadline again but I am so happy with the outcome and am now confident the first draft will be finished shortly, school holidays permitting. My sister now has what I have written so far and she will give me her honest opinion. I have also been busy writing some outlines for new novels which have come to me in the last few days.

Thursday evening I had a lovely night out with my Mum, sister and my sister’s friend. Yes, Alison Pam Charles Author is Lisa’s sister LOL. The Phil Collins Tribute night at my favourite little piece of Italy in Wetherby, was as fabulous as ever. Great food, great company and great music.

Don't just take my word for it, check out Trip Advisor.

When I got home, Lucas asked me when I would be going out again as he’d had a super time with his older brother and ‘no offence Mum but we’d like to do it again!’ Well, way to go Wes and now I know I can go out without feeling guilty! If I had the money I would be at Sant Angelos every week!! I am of course, on my children's orders, organising some more nights out. After all, I don't want to disappoint them!

Isn’t it funny how certain songs bring back lots of memories, good and bad but most of them very good? With the weather being so amazing here (long may it continue!), I’ve been able to set up my office outdoors and have had music to listen to too. I have renewed my love for Paul Heaton and the Beautiful South, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Motown and lots of others. It is really funny how, most of the time the music is on in the background and I couldn’t even tell you what had just played but now and again one song would play and it would take me back to a memory. It’s great how the mind works.

Yesterday I spent the day with Wes and we went to see Sheffield Eagles play Batley Bulldogs at the Owlerton Stadium. The result wasn’t what we wanted but we enjoyed the rugby league and both of us are people watchers. We had great fun watching fans going through every emotion possible during eighty minutes. Both of us then rushed home to watch the F1 race – social media kept us up to date. I have never been in favour of team orders and I don’t like lazy racing drivers who expect people to just get out of the way. I’m not a Lewis fan either but I am glad he stood his ground and he did show, even to a Ferrari fan, what an incredibly talented driver he is. He won’t be at Mercedes next season, probably McLaren. Then we saw Phil Taylor back to his epic best followed by Liverpool beating Olypiakos, even though all the commentators wrote us off without Suarez – get over it, he’s gone and Liverpool have a strong squad – typical press!!! Sunday was a perfect day with Wes whilst Lucas had a great time out too.

With confidence riding high again, I am working on finishing the draft of Beyond the Lies, an updated marketing plan for Beyond the Past and some books signings. Yes, I am busy but I am loving every bit of it and I truly am … Living the Dream.

Have a great week everyone and be kind… it makes you feel so much happier xx

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