Monday, 25 May 2015

Attitude is everything

Grab a coffee, tea or your favourite tipple – this is a long one…

Well, it wasn’t a great weekend for sport. Sheffield Eagles lost, the debacle of the grand prix, not to mention the catastrophic meltdown of Liverpool FC. However, if you look at the bright side:

  1. There were great performances from young players on both sides – Sheffield and London.
  2. Vettel and Ferrari gained second place – Forza Ferrari!!
  3. Liverpool FC have 11 weeks to turn it around (next year is our year, LOL).
You see, every cloud has a silver lining! Attitude is everything! In sport, as in life, you can wallow in self-pity and misery or you can rebuild and refuse to let anything defeat or deflate you. I was reminded of this when twittertroll raised her ugly head again. Shame because I thought she’d grown out of her childish behaviour. This time though I did find it amusing that she had exposed herself to everyone and I hope now that they know this was all orchestrated by her. Sorry love but you have not broken our spirit or prevented us from pursuing our dreams. What it has done is reinforced my drive to continue to build my business, my books and my PhD but most importantly of all, to continue my parenting. I lead by example. Attitude is everything!

I have always taught the boys to be independent, strong, respectful, humble and most of all honest – honest with themselves and with everyone around them. I admit, it is not the ‘norm’ and I wasn’t sure how it would be received by other people but I am so glad I have stuck to my guns and so far it has and is, paying off. With being honest with yourself, comes the acceptance that you will make mistakes. The boys have been taught that mistakes are OKAY. Human beings have the ability to make mistakes and learn from them – well, most do. Accepting mistakes, apologising and learning from them separates the decent ones from the … well… dishonest ones. 

The proudest moments as a Mum have been when the boys have held their hands up, admitted their mistakes, apologised and moved on. Attitude is everything!

In order to teach this rare honesty, as a parent I have had to be honest too. I have always admitted mistakes to the boys and apologised for them. If I have been wrong in an argument, I have admitted to them I was wrong. I don’t see this as a weakness at all. The boys know adults are not always right! It is about a mutual respect. Very few people understand the dynamics within my precious family and I have been questioned many times and told ‘they are only kids’ or ‘they have too much say’ and the best one of all ‘when they get to a teenager, they will rebel.’ Really? The truth is the boys are human beings. Just because they are children, does not make them inferior. They need guidance, discipline and to be taught how to conduct themselves. That is my job. It is not my job to treat them like second class citizens or bully them because I am bigger and older. Wes and I agreed this week we do not need to justify the dynamics within our family. We are all happy, all pursuing our dreams, all working incredibly hard and all being honest with each other and more importantly, ourselves. Attitude is everything!

Bright Blue Eyes

I am currently re-writing my website and re-launching my business. When I received my three book publishing deal, I put the business on hold. Admittedly with hindsight, I rushed into publishing my first book. As a single Mum, the financial pressure is always a tremendous weight on my shoulders. Sometimes decisions are made for the wrong reasons but with good intentions. We all live and learn.

Bright Blue Eyes offers business support services to organisations that do not have the staff to carry out administrative tasks. Services are offered on a one off basis or on an ongoing basis, dependent on the need of the client.

 My website is under construction but can be viewed here.

Follow me too:


I’m taking a break from writing to try and build up the family coffers!! Basically, I’m skint and need to keep my little family afloat – I’m sure that is true for many of us these days. My ideal would be to earn money from writing and that is my long term goal but it doesn’t pay the bills NOW. Until that happens, I will be writing in my spare time!

These are the part time projects I am working on:

Beyond the Lies
I have taken so much time over the editing of this sequel because my confidence was dented with the publishing of my first book but I am confident this will be a great book when it is finished. Attitude is everything!

Behind the Painted Smile
I really love this book. I don’t like to start too many projects but this story gripped me from the first idea. I have written approximately 10,000 words and the ideas are flowing freely. This is about a woman who turns to social media for company as she gets little attention at home. Her obsession with it turns into sinister acts that results in murder!

This is in essence a story about how several peoples’ tragic lives intertwine to result in something very special. This idea has been so strong that already I have 15,000 words written.

I really wish I could clone myself!! Who said single Mums sit in their pyjamas watching TV all day!!  Every week I realise how hard I work – hopefully I will see the rewards soon!


I am finalising the revised proposal this week. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can secure funding. This would be my ultimate dream come true.

My debut novel is still available:

Have you had the chance to read it yet? Would you like to review it for me?

Read the first three chapters FREE on my website
Available from: Pegasus Publishers
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Or you can order from your local bookshop. The ISBN number is : 978-1-84386-789-0

Finally, I want to say this to everyone. BE NICE. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice and supportive. Being truthful is not the same as being mean or badly behaved. The old saying, ‘it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ is so true. If a child is told they are no good and won’t make anything of themselves, it is likely to happen. It truly saddens me that some people, especially but not exclusively women, put other women down. I’m all for being supportive and growing together. I am not in competition with anyone. 

It’s half term this week so I can start work early with no interruption for school runs apart from Tuesday when Wes is going into school for revision – SCHOOL IN YOUR HOLIDAY TIME. That is dedication. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

Have a fabulous week and SUPPORT each other.

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