Sunday, 12 July 2015

All I can say is...Osborne must have had a miserable childhood!

Equality will NEVER exist unless we force the issue and make it so.  Tell me, when did this country actually stop treating the under 25's humanely? Or is that Osborne was palmed off to boarding school that he missed out on a loving family life that now makes him devoid of any compassion and understanding of the importance of the influence of great family upbringing?  Sometimes I feel it is just me that values every child's life exactly the same as every adult's life.  I know I have very strong views that whilst we have to work, us parents also have to give time to bringing our children up but by god this government is hell bent on destroying family life.

Common decency, life skills and selflessness can only EVER exist if they are taught. Who is teaching this? Who is saying to our children ‘there is great hope for you in the future if you work hard’? Who is showing our children that ‘you all get the same opportunities and chance to shine?’  Radicalisation, disengagement of young people, living with no hope – Osborne is really not that naïve to believe his treatment of young people does not contribute to these problems, is he? When did it become acceptable to redefine child poverty rather than dealing with the issues? We shouldn't have child poverty in the UK at all!

When did we decide that children were the scourge of society and under 25s have such little significance that if they can’t swim they drown in a life of poverty, misery and infirmity? Who cares? It’s the ‘I’m all right Jack’ mentality again. Is this modern Britain or Victorian times? 
I wonder how many first time voters were duped into voting for the Government believing they would provide homes, jobs and the ‘promised land.’ I am ashamed to be British right now, I really am. We should be nurturing our future generations, showing them, compassion and love overrules greed and selfishness. Sadly that will never happen now unless there is a will to do it.

Our house has that WILL in abundance. I know I am swimming against the tide, I know I am breaking with the Government’s sick and twisted policy but you know what, I DON’T CARE. I hope my son fulfils his ambition to become Prime Minister because I know he will have been brought up to understand the true values in life – truth, honesty, integrity, hope, selflessness and humility. I know even at eight years old he possesses the skills not to follow this selfish crowd. Someone recently described my eight year old as ‘very well read’. Ask him about the Greek crisis and he can explain it to you. Also, the proudest comment that was made about my seventeen year old was ‘you are one of a dying breed and you are not just ready for sport, you are ready for life. You are born to be a winner.’ That’s my boy!! I may not have been privately educated or born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I do value my children and their lives.

We attended our first university open day this weekend and I am so proud and privileged my son wants me to be a part of his journey even if it does mean he will be saddled with a huge debt. Young adults have a choice between university and a large debt, an apprenticeship for very little pay and few prospects or no job at all. What a choice!! Osborne didn’t have that choice did he?! Unfortunately our elected government as so far removed from everyday life that they will never begin to understand the struggles of real life. 

Since I left school I worked 60 hour weeks. I loved my job and paid all my taxes and national insurance believing I had a safety net there should I need it. Twenty years of working I was devastated when I lost my job because of Menieres. It came out of nowhere and I didn’t want it.  I haven’t sat on my backside claiming benefits. I have struggled with the illness over ten years, single-handedly brought up two fantastic boys and forged out a new career, albeit not paying what I had pre-Menieres.  There is no equality in employment – no one will take the risk of an unpredictable illness as mine just as employers will not increase pay for working families just because the government withdraws tax credits. It is a naïve and out of touch elitist that believes that. I don’t know what the future holds for this family but I do know I will not give up.  I will fight to give my children the right to be successful human beings.

So Cameron and Osborne you may take away our rights, you may take away our cash but you can’t take away our determination, fight and our dignity. My children WILL succeed too in spite of you and they will be hundred times the men you will ever be.  Why? Because they understand the importance of every single human being regardless of the age, gender, race, background or any other label you want to use to break up our lovely country.  WE CAN ALL DO OUR BIT! I am, will you?

Wes and I had a big discussion this week about the future of our country and whether there is any point in paying national insurance and opting for a pension scheme. The safest bet seems to be at the moment keep your money very close to you, perhaps inside an old mattress. It’s safer than trusting it to a government or bankers that are hell bent on stealing it to line their own pockets.

Now I have got that off my chest, I feel a little better. 


Menieres has been a real nuisance this last week. I’ve spent more time nurturing pain and trying to stay on my feet all because of the high pressure caused by thunder storms. The pressure on my ears was immense. It is really difficult concentrating when the pain is overwhelming. Some days I managed to string a couple of sentences together. The boys do laugh when I get to the end of a sentence and can’t finish it or I say something and know it was wrong. It’s all about lack of concentration and brain fog. It’s frustrating and sickening. Once it passes I frantically run around doing all the jobs I have to do and write.  My hours are erratic but nevertheless I don’t give up. I won’t let it beat me.


I think I have found my niche. I have been so involved in this project that I have spent all the non-Menieres and non-family time working on this storyline. I am a couple of acts away from completing it now. Well, completing the first draft. Once it is written then the real hard work starts – editing, jiggling acts about and proof reading. Believe me by the time I’ve finished editing it will look a very different story – better but different. I don’t know what other writers do but I always save my first draft as a separate document. Probably out of nostalgia more than anything. 

Beyond the Past

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If you follow this blog you will know sport plays a huge part in our lives. We have had a week off from the rugby league training and I have to say, it has been great not to have to rush around. However, we all agree, we have missed it!! You can’t win, can you? AND, I’ve had to clean!! What’s all that about? LOL.

Lucas has really engaged in all different sports recently. It was hard for him at first. He felt because his big brother was a rugby league player, he should do the same. It has taken a lot of discussions with him for him to realise he doesn’t have to do what his brother is doing. Since the penny dropped he has tried Lacrosse, dodgeball and a few other things. He is signed on as a footballer and next week starts at a cricket club. He has even been playing golf which he enjoys. No one can say he has not been diverse!! It is truly fabulous to see him enjoying sport and not doing it out of a sense of loyalty or duty.  

Next weekend we travel to South Wales for the third time this season. I do love a road trip and it makes me feel so proud that Wes wants me to be a part of his amazing journey.
Right, I am off to get school stuff ready for the last full week of term. I love the school holidays. If you have children, ignore the pressures placed on you as a parent. Do what you believe is right and make sure you live life to the full and spend as much time with your little ones as you can. Have an amazing week.


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