Monday, 10 August 2015

With hope in our hearts... that 'P' word again!

One word… Hallelujah!! 

I have spent the last twenty years as, what felt like, a lone voice banging on about socialism and the unjust, unfair and unequal country we live in all orchestrated by greedy, egotistical politicians and bankers. Well I feel totally vindicated and finally, yes finally I feel we have a labour movement that is rekindling the community spirit that evil Thatcher snatched away. The mood is swinging towards hope, dignity and actually us acting more like decent human beings. I’ve never bought into the ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude and I don’t want anything for nothing. I’M NOT ALONE! I’m not a political analyst. I am a hardworking Mum that just wants hope for the future of her children! And I care.

My values are simple – hope, integrity, truth and perseverance. I don’t want anything handed to my children on a plate. They have to work hard to achieve their goals. They’ve been taught that from an early age but the goal posts can’t keep changing just because they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They have also been taught that we look after those less fortunate than we are. We are blessed with each other and reasonably good health. Not everyone is but it is not for us to sit in judgement, scorn and sneer at the people who need our help. Don’t get me wrong, the liars and cheats out there need weeding out and dealing with. BUT, and it is a big BUT. Why should someone who has paid into system all their lives be denied treatment or help because the government in their ivory tower say so? The government should serve the people of the country and NOT the other way around. If something is not working for the majority then it MUST be changed.  Since the 1980s the government and the press have manipulated the truth and propaganda to demonise everyone other than themselves and their beneficiaries. I include the majority of Blairites in that too. Popularity politics rather than working politics, that’s what I call it. Rather than looking at the real solutions, the problems have been glossed over. The migrant situation, the cost of utilities, the state of the banking system, the state of manufacturing, the poor state of education, student debt, lack of sustainable living wage jobs and much, much more come from bad decisions made in the 1980s and we are paying for them now. The sad thing of all some people believe everything that is written in the press! 

Before you write Jeremy Corbyn off, read the policies for yourself. 

Thatcher’s legacy includes
  1. Selling off of all the countries’ assets to all her allies glossed over with the promise of lower prices and better infrastructure. Instead we have higher prices, threats of power cuts and infrastructure that is paid for by US!! Think of what those profits could have provided to the NHS if we had still owned the utilities. What do we have to lose if we look at changing a system that is not working for the majority of us?
  2. A closure of pits purely for self-indulgent, egotistical gratification that SHE beat the miners not for economic reasons. Thatcher used the police force against her own people. Isn’t that what we condemn in other countries?
  3. The injustices of Orgreave and many people who went to prison for their democratic right. People have criminal records for defending their right to work. Let’s not forget that.
  4. Hillsborough – I can’t say much due to the inquests but suffice to say we know the truth is coming just 26 years too late, far too late.
  5. Then the worst, most vile cover ups of all – Savile and god knows how many more involved in the sex abuse cases. Thatcher fought for Savile’s knighthood!!
  6. SHE de-regulated the banks – SHE wanted free enterprise!! Funny how people forget that when it comes to discussing the financial crisis.
This is only a short list. My blood boils.

The 1980s was mob rule, just the mob held offices and pretended to be pillars of the community and thought and still think they are above the law. The trouble is we have not had a labour movement since pre Thatcher. Labour are the worst opposition party EVER and even worse in Government, when they are prepared to drop their principles to chase self-gratification, fame and votes.  The election result proved people wanted a clear difference and when they couldn’t find it, it was better the devil you know!

I went to see Jeremy Corbyn for myself. I like to form my own opinion and I liked what I heard before the meeting. He speaks my language. No flowering up, no spin, just from the heart. Let me tell you – he is no one but himself and so much more humble than I had imagined. He is incredibly articulate, passionate and honest. He offers sensible policies that are not out dated but fit into a brighter future for our children. He has consistently produced straight forward discussion papers and welcomed input in a truly democratic way – yes democracy actually working!!

All I want is hope for my children. Both the boys are clued up on British politics. What excites us the most about Jeremy’s campaign? It has people talking, yes saying the ‘P’ word. Can you imagine that? The greatest taboo being broken by a working class hero from Islington. No wonder the Eton and Harrow boys are running scared. An informed electorate and nowhere to hide. I’m surprised they haven’t called a Cobra meeting just to discuss it! 
The cat is out of the bag! People are talking and I couldn’t be prouder that we are finally growing into a community again – for that Jeremy is already a winner! It will be an uphill battle with the lies and rhetoric from the Tories, the media and the plastic Tories that once hijacked the labour party. Cometh the hour, cometh the man? NO! Cometh the hour, cometh the PEOPLE! 

Back to the day job…

Synopsis & Treatments

Why is it I can write a screenplay draft in 3 weeks yet I can’t write a synopsis or treatment. It is TOTALLY psychological. Because it IS so important in getting interest in the work, I want it to be perfect which means I second guess myself. I always write a plan and a brief synopsis before I start writing. In reality, the story evolves and changes from the original plan anyway. The only time I suffer from a shortage of what to say (I know you’ll find that really hard to believe) is when I sit down and write to tell someone about my beloved work! It is CRAZY! I am blaming the brain fog this week from the Menieres – I love excuses, NOT! Does anyone else become petrified at writing the synopsis?

Beyond the Past

Have you had the chance to read it yet? Would you like to review it for me?

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Rugby League

What a week last week. Both the reserves and Hallam won their games. It was really exciting to see these lads really enjoy playing and it was a real pleasure to watch. They had fun and that is what the sport should be about. It is always a bit sad when the season draws to a close especially with such a great set of lads. Wes has improved so much and it has been a real delight seeing them all grow and become such good friends.


Just a little note… IT’S OUR YEAR BOYS!! So I’ve been saying this for the last decade but it IS our year – at least I HOPE so and we all should have HOPE IN OUR HEARTS.

I know some people will not be happy with me for writing this post but do you know what? I will always stay true to who I am and what I believe in. No amount of money in the world gives anyone the right to mistreat another human being or sit in judgement. I am who I am and actually I quite like me.

Have a fabulous week and enjoy your freedom…

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