Tuesday, 8 December 2015

At the end of a Storm...

Well I threatened you with a new blog...a bit late but better than never, right?
Biting your tongue for over four decades to protect others does NOT give you peace of mind. Noble as it may sound, the only way to achieve peace is to hit the problem head on – in a non-violent way of course! I am proud of myself for sticking up for my beliefs and principles and putting my children’s welfare above everything else.

After speaking to my lovely Dad, I realise no matter what I do, when people don’t like you they will just make things up, assume the worst and twist things to discredit you. If people choose to believe their rubbish without asking you or worse, without even knowing you, then that is a major flaw in their personality, not yours. So bitch and moan as much as you like!  You’re not taking my happiness away, just your own. Let’s face it, if they’re not bitching about you, they're picking on some other poor soul. It’s a sad fact of life.

Nature has a way of teaching us all how to trust our own instincts. I've doubted mine in the past on everything BUT motherhood. NO MORE DOUBTS. I’m just a Mum with a clear conscience, trying to feed my boys!

Now...onto more interesting matters.

What has Jeremy Corbyn done for us?

Contrary to what the media and the powers of this country – the nasty Tory Government and the Elite – Jeremy has revitalised a wilting opposition. Let’s face it, before his election the Labour NEC had rolled over and submitted. I actually think the Labour leadership fell into the trap of believing the papers!! Before Jeremy they were their own worst enemy and some sadly, still are. The press and Cameron will lead people to believe he and John McDonnell are ‘terrorist sympathisers’- as I am apparently! The truth is in times of conflict, one party has to be the bigger person and reach out a hand to start talking. Time and time again we have been lead into wars – questionable whether any have been legal or justified – when what is needed is a calm, level head to look at other options. CONFLICT should be the very last resort yet we seem to use it as the only solution available.

Without the seismic shift in the Labour Party - let’s face it, us lefties never thought we would have the leadership we have now – this Government would have rode rough shot over the very people they ‘claim’ to represent. The tide is turning and people who want change have to be patient. It will not happen overnight but look how far we have come since the 12th September. All the lies that have been uncovered, the major shift in trade union backing, the debate about war, tax evasion, tax credits, the lies about the economy. ALL since the 12th September. All Labour members need to stick together, don’t get sucked into the media rhetoric. Remember, even Jeremy’s opponents can be misquoted to cause mischief. Look how far we have come! Then visualise how far we can go TOGETHER.

I am very proud to be a socialist – equality, fairness and justice for ALL. 

Social Media

For all its pitfalls, social media definitely has its advantages. The hashtags #notinmyname #yournotmuslimbruv remind me of how wonderful human beings are and how together it is possible to change the world. However, there are people who do not have the intelligence and decency who will use social media to bully and belittle other people. It is NOT acceptable. Any account, ANY, can be traced back to a user. It is a time now when people should be uniting against all that is evil in this world. 

The world would be a much better place if people didn’t just talk but LISTENED!

Goals for 2016

It’s that time of year again when I look at my goals for the new year and this week I’ve started working on them. I am definitely going to start my PhD. Nothing, like a little matter of finance, is going to get in my way. 2016 is a huge year. My first baby turns eighteen and will go to University. He is loving life at the moment which is great to see. 

My baby baby turns ten! TEN! Where did that time go? He too is settled, happy and excelling at school. I am happy that they are both happy! That means I am doing something right because let’s face it, the world is depressing at the moment! 

My goals are ambitious but achievable. Make the most of your life, you’re only here once – or are you????


I am currently polishing Streetwise, my first script.

Log line : 

In a dark world of unimaginable tragedy and heartbreak, angels and heroes emerge, shining beacons of hope.


Life's path can change at a blink of an eye or the detonation of a bomb. In Leeds, Robert Kennedy should have been planning a wedding not a funeral. Consumed with grief and guilt, suicide seemed his only escape from his perpetual nightmare. A single of act of kindness saves him from himself.

In Birmingham, Georgina Harding manages to escape her mother's boyfriend's imprisonment and a deadly paedophile ring.

Coleen Green is a hiding a dark, violent past and living a new life with a new identity.

Three lives worth saving and whose paths are about to cross with potentially lethal consequences.

Beyond the Past

The screen adaptation is coming along but if you can't wait, it is available NOW

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My Hero

Lucas recently chose his brother as his hero for Children in Need. My hero was John Lennon. 35 years ago today I remember the day like it was yesterday. I can feel the cold air on my face as I walked to school in tears. The world would have been a much better place with him here with us. A true working class hero for me. 

Well, I have a full day of writing ahead of me and a trip to Sheffield for rugby training. I have so many projects on the go but believe it or not, I am organised for once and clear where I want to go in the future. Have a fabulous week.

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