Monday, 28 December 2015

All’s well that ends well

This is my last blog of 2015. Can you believe it? Another year gone – not sure if another year wiser but definitely another year older and greyer!

My home town is Leeds and I love being a Yorkshire lass. It has been truly devastating watching the horrendous floods unfold around us – we are in the middle of Otley, Wetherby, Leeds centre, York, Tadcaster and Castleford. We are the 
fortunate ones but my heart truly goes out to everyone affected by these, in my opinion, preventable events, especially when our politicians were warned in advance that this could happen. As an Insurance Broker of twenty years, I have helped families and businesses get back on their feet after disasters and I tell you it is soul destroying to see all your hard work swept away when you have done everything in your powers. Let’s hope the government listens this time and do not arrogantly dismiss the expert opinion. My love to you all.

It has been two years of a hard slog to finally get peace from the spiteful people who tried so desperately to ruin Wes’ chances to play rugby league. They failed but it was a nightmare period for us especially when I was fighting Meniere’s and developing my writing career. Thankfully, they have now finally moved on and we can categorically say PEACE at last.

Christmas for me is about the children. They take over – decide on the food and the entertainment. I know it’s not the done thing but I want them to look back on Christmas as a peaceful time of year. We are so busy all year running between work, school and Sheffield that it is just nice to have some family down time. We have no rules, no plans and it works for us. Thankfully, the boys are sports mad so we spend time watching programmes I love too – World’s Strongest Man, Darts, Football, NFL and others. It’s great. On top of that we play board games – scrabble, game of life, frustration, ludo, trivial pursuit (although Lucas calls it Truppy up the soup!). Even the cards and dominoes came out this year. We have had such a laugh. It has been truly relaxing and magical.

Christmas Eve we had an amazing day at the cinema. I got to take my two gorgeous boys to carry on my childhood love of STAR WARS. WOW! WOW! WOW! I have goosebumps thinking about Lucas’ excited face when the titles started. I’ve loved Star Wars all my life and that’s a lot of years! My nickname is R2D2 (all body and no legs apparently!). It was truly magical and amazing. I love that they love it as much as I do. In fact, Lucas is obsessed! He is my very own personal Jedi knight. Well done and thank you Disney – another family dream and memory created.

Before moving into 2016, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your support this year. You have no idea what it means to me and your support has helped me to realise my dreams. You kept me going when it all looked so hopeless. Thank you and I wish you all the very best in 2016. I hope you go and make your dreams come true.

2016 is OUR kick ass year. It feels like the last couple of years have been sowing seed years and have been blooming frustrating at times. BUT, 2016 brings us so much hope. 

  1. Wes is in the Sheffield Eagles Academy/Reserves.
  2. Wes will be going to Uni this year and he reaches 18!! My baby…time flies!
  3. Lucas turns 10 and is growing into a very clever, level headed young man, determined to achieve his goals – can’t imagine where he gets that from!
  4. I have supervisory backing for my PhD and hopefully, fingers crossed, financial support for 2016.
  5. My second book will be published
  6. My TV scripts will hopefully be accepted
  7. I will continue to write and have lots of new ideas and storylines.
  8. Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell will continue to provide new hope and decency to this country.
  9. My lovely Dad will be 70.
  10. I will continue to raise awareness of Meniere’s disease – one day there may even be a cure!

Beyond the Past

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So you see, life may have been tough but 2015 set up 2016 to be a very special year, not just for me but for all of us. We are working tirelessly to achieve our success in spite of all the obstacles thrown at us. We leave 2015 a stronger, closer and better educated family. However desperate it has seemed, we have survived again.

All the very best for 2016. May the force be with you…

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