Saturday, 18 June 2016

A PLEA…. From a MUM

I know I state the obvious but it has been a terrible, terrible week. Innocent people have been murdered going about, getting on with their own lives. The truth is – I am heartbroken. Heartbroken for the victims and their families and friends whose lives are changed forever.  I am totally gutted the UK and USA have become countries where division and hatred have flourished to a point extremists can actively promote and exact their hatred on innocent victims. 

Human nature means some people, with certain characteristics, will always take things to the extreme – we are fooling ourselves if we think otherwise. However, decent human beings know the boundaries and don’t cross those boundaries – knowing they violate common decency and, in some cases, the law. 

I have taught my boys to be honest, tolerant and to fight for social justice and equality. It's been tough because I have swum against the tide of feeling, even within my own circle of friends and family. I feel angry and deeply hurt that the very people elected to represent these same values are undermining me and the majority of decent human beings. I also feel a sense of responsibility for allowing this hatred to happen! I didn't vote for the ones who seek to divide us but maybe my voice has not been loud enough to drown out the hatred and vile intolerance. Maybe I have not done enough to stop this from happening. Yes – I have debated until hoarse, attended demonstrations, meetings and campaigns BUT somehow I feel I have not done enough to make this world a safer place for my children and other children across the globe. 

Extremism MUST be met with love, kindness and reasoned debate. Silence does not work but neither does resorting to their kind of name calling. All us decent human beings have to now SHOUT louder and unite to ensure we achieve peace and stability. A world where our children can go out, have fun, explore and return home safely, fulfilled, excited from experiencing life. I want a world free from extremism and war. 

Some will read this and scoff – we can't achieve it! WE CAN and WE MUST!

I have become increasingly ashamed to be British. We, as a country, are at a crossroads – please, please let's choose the right path.

My tribute to a wonderful, inoffensive, tolerant and courageous Jo Cox will be to continue her fight to bring about a better world, not just for me or the boys but for all of humanity.

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