Saturday, 2 July 2016

LIES...LIES...and more LIES

This is going to be a long post…I need to get this off my chest. Buckle up…enjoy the ride…or not!

Anybody remember Eddie Murphy and the film Trading Places? If you do, you will remember the Duke Brothers gambling for $1. Well after the events following the EU referendum, David Cameron and Boris Johnson are the UK equivalent of the Dukes. Every day more lies are uncovered and I feel they have gambled with taxpayer's money, jobs, pensions and our children's futures. For what? £1 or a Euro? Either way, both have inflicted immeasurable damage on this country then walked away from it! They have caused a vacuum, a division so deep, increased hate crime by unprecedented levels then just walked away smiling, with their offshore accounts intact. It is, they are, a total disgrace.

People who voted leave have called me a pessimist, I'm unpatriotic and a traitor to my country. Let me set this straight – I have faith in the majority of people – human beings across the world BUT I have no faith in politicians who have the task of negotiating new deals with the EU and other countries around the world. We have already been demoted to the 6th largest economy and I am convinced our politicians have damaged our diplomatic and negotiating powers across the globe.

Imagine, you own a business and advise your best supplier, "Sorry but I've decided to look for a new supplier because, quite frankly you are a corrupt, money grabbing, bureaucratic lot and I no longer trust you but until I negotiate a new deal can you let me have my current terms." Not only that, we'll make them wait as long as we can because it suits us, regardless of how it affects their business. What do you think that supplier's response is going to be?  I know what my response would be – unprintable I'm afraid.

One piece of advice I was given at school was to always question the motive and source of any information you receive, before you act on it. I have never trusted the media – EVER and Hillsborough, Orgreave and other life events have proven I was right not to. Everybody gets sucked in by stories though. We are only human after all. However, if a doctor or a solicitor gives you advice, you accept it as they are professionals and have greater knowledge than you. If a teacher imparts knowledge to a student, the student accepts the information as accurate based upon the stature of the teacher. So, when a Member of Parliament speaks, imparts information we should be able to accept it will be accurate, right? Regrettably, not anymore. 

The EU referendum uncovered some very unpleasant, hidden traits within my country that makes me so ashamed and embarrassed. These are totally against the principles I have instilled in my boys.

  1. Politicians on both sides vehemently lied to get their own way, making it acceptable to lie!
  2. Politicians on both sides vehemently pressed the issue of immigration, giving the green light to a group of people to be racist and incite racial hatred. The politicians HAVE incited racial hatred and that is a criminal offence in the UK but I bet, they won’t be prosecuted. The media definitely played their part too.
  3. The aftershocks have sent 172 MPs on a witch hunt, which was pre-meditated and reported in the Telegraph 2 weeks prior to the referendum blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the Brexit result. I'll come back to that.
  4. Delaying Article 50 demonstrates there is no plan for Brexit. The Government could have, and should have, planned for every eventual outcome. It is poor management not to have the plan in place. Any business will tell you – before you make a major change, you carry out a risk assessment. It is common sense to see the impact of any change. 
  5. By delaying article 50 they are showing the world we are incompetent. In addition, while they dither, they are putting businesses and jobs at risk. My theory, for what it is worth, is they know invoking this article will send the markets into freefall. Not only that – businesses will have to make the decision of whether they stay within the EU and move their operations out of the UK. When this happens, the Bank of England may have to use QE to prop the markets up – where is this money going to come from? If that happens I can't see there being many savings from leaving the EU. 
  6. Immigration is NOT the culprit of a shortage of housing, low wages and lack of public services. GOVERNMENT CUTS & AUSTERITY ARE. Ask yourself this – how come money is suddenly available to bail businesses out because of Brexit? They tell us they can't just print money and we have to bear cuts yet suddenly they can. It ALL LIES.

The only time Cameron actually fulfils on a manifesto promise and he creates CHAOS.

Jeremy Corbyn

As I said earlier, the attempted coup by 172 MPs was orchestrated prior to the EU referendum. I was very vocal in the EU Referendum making it very clear that I would not be supportive of Jeremy Corbyn standing on a platform with Tory leaders or indeed, Tony Blair. I didn't stand with either campaign due to the lies and racism. In fact, you'll see from earlier posts, my deep concern of how this referendum was being played out.

I agreed with Jeremy's policy not through blind faith but through common sense and hours of research. I do not like the EU but I don’t like our Government either. We need to change the balance of power from Governments being heavily influenced by business to Governments that hold businesses to account and represent the people who elect them.

No system of Government is perfect – none. However, from speaking to people after the referendum, it has become clear that some voted to leave to get rid of Cameron and/or because they were sick of people in suits dictating where money was spent and they never saw the benefit of that money, especially in Labour heartlands. These areas have seen the most savage of cuts.


Labour lost the general elections in 2010 and 2015 before Jeremy became leader. Voters cried out for an alternative, the doorstep message was very clear 'you are all the same'; 'they don't listen to us'; 'they'll do what's right for them.'  The 172 MPs have absolutely displayed these traits this week – the traits so emphatically rejected by voters. Their total disregard for democracy and the horrific bullying they have displayed is everything I despise. Lies, Bullying, intimidation and lack of respect for democracy – FROM THE MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT ELECTED TO UPHOLD THE OPPOSITE OF THESE!!

That is why I am angry about it all. I love the Labour Party – I have brought my boys up on their core values. I have been a wreck this week, watching these people tear apart decent, honest human beings. I HATE LIES, I HATE BULLYING AND I HATE DISHONESTY. None of which you can accuse Jeremy Corbyn of. The establishment is rocked by people being aware of the lies, of questioning those lies and holding our politicians to account. The lies the media have been involved in have been off the scale – see my twitter and facebook accounts for some of them.

This is not about one man. This is an attack on democracy. It is a nasty, vindictive case of corporate bullying, the worst case I have ever witnessed. There is a clear procedure for a new leadership challenge but they won't pursue it because democracy is only important to them if it achieves the results they want! I know when I was at school, that was dictatorship not democracy.

Jeremy is a decent, honest man – one of the few politicians who has consistently shown he is in Parliament to make the world a better place for everyone – and definitely not just the 1%!! I am urging anyone who is against bullying, who wants to bring honesty back into our politics and who wants real life chances for their children, to join the Labour Party. Over the last week, over 60,000 have joined. PLEASE I want a better world for all children in the UK.

Above all of this, personally, it has been a desperate week, having found out there is no funding for my PhD and we have to vacate the property we have lived in for 12 years. It's been an incredibly stressful, Meniere's ridden week but I'm still standing – just. I still have hope in my heart. At least it all happened in the same week!

Please, to all my fellow EU citizens - we are not all self-serving, racists - 
in fact, very few exist. I am sorry these people have crawled out of the woodwork and I can assure you they do not speak for me and my family.

In this next week, the media and these MPs will continue to spout lies about Jeremy Corbyn because the Chilcot report is due to be published. This is the report that will provide answers over the Iraq war. I hope the families of those who lost their lives serving, get the answers they are looking for but also, I do hope it highlights why it is important to have a pacifist at the helm not self- serving war hungry hypocrites.

Much love and peace

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