Saturday, 23 July 2016

Words have consequences…

The world has a habit of making you feel an abject failure if you don’t have a marriage, mortgage, car and 2.4 children. The stereotypes are like knives, drawn and shoved deep into our consciences from the very early stages of our lives. This would be okay of course if everything in your life was in your control – a bit like Stepford wives. In reality you have little control in many areas of your own life. 

This week has been incredibly tough for me. I've gone through a Meniere's loathing week, angry at having no 'normal' job with a regular income. Twenty years I worked hard, paid my taxes and now get no assistance for the disease I did not want or ask for. I feel conned and very frustrated. I work so hard to get us out of this Meniere's induced rut. It's not for the want of effort, I can assure you. I push myself to the limit and beyond, yet can only hope my hard work will bring us much needed success sooner rather than later. I cling onto hope as, I suspect, many millions of us do.

The rhetoric induced hatred across the world has not helped my positive state of mind either. I have written about this before but I am going to continue to bang on about it until we start to make some very serious changes. We, as a human race, have to stop using labels and stop categorising people. It's a horrible human psyche and we can only blame ourselves for its creation. Just think for a moment…take half a day of yours from last week and think how many times you used labels to describe individual human beings – 'that boy', 'that woman', 'that disabled man', 'that OAP'. Then add the extra descriptions you may use and even worse…think of the descriptions you would not use but others would use freely. Can you actually, clearly and categorically say you have never, ever used a label that would cause offence to the person you are describing? How many use labels to purposely cause offence? Or, to purposely cause harm?

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Why don't we just cut it out? Cut out the language – for example stop the description 'Muslim man' as we wouldn't say 'Christian man', would we? I am very aware of the language I use and sometimes I may offend someone without the intent. Unfortunately, there are people out there that do want to cause offence.  MPs and people in the public eye really need to think before they speak. Their language has consequences but all too often they offer soundbites or in some cases purposely use defamatory, racist, homophobic and derogatory language that is deeply offensive and divisive. The division becomes a green light for some to inflict harm and misery on fellow human beings. 

WE HAVE TO STOP THE CYCLE OF HATE. Public officials have let the vile genie out of the bottle and we, the decent human beings are left to find a way of eradicating it. It starts with the education of our children, an education that must include tolerance and humanity. We must speak out about prejudices and we must urge our public officials to stop stirring the hornet's nest.

I do find it hard to forgive Cameron, Johnson, Farage,Trump and the media outlets for their part in this grotesque change in language but I have to forgive them otherwise the hatred will escalate. They are incredibly insensitive and naïve to think they have played no part in the rise in hate crimes. They need to accept and acknowledge their words have had far reaching consequences. Over the last six years we have seen many sections of our communities demonised by these people. It is hard to accept I worry about my son being attacked because of the colour of his skin – IN 2016!! 

Hatred will not bring about any change. We should all take a step back and think about our actions, our words and our role in changing the world. I am pleading to every single human being – be kind, thoughtful and think before you speak. Open your hearts, instead of your mouth. Look past the labels society forces upon us. Your words and actions will have consequences.

Just as hatred breeds violence and insecurity, love and kindness can bring peace and harmony – the key is whether we have the will to make that change. We need to let this Government and world leaders know division and demonisation of fellow human beings is unacceptable and we will no longer tolerate it. 

It is up to us decent human beings to shine the light of hope on this dark world.

I am going to continue to work hard and fight for a better world for my children and every other human being and I hope, you are with me too.

Have a fabulous week and please, be kind.

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