Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The world needs more Nelson Mandelas…

Semester Two starts today. So far I have two results back from my first four Masters papers and they are distinctions, one of which will be published as my first academic paper. I can’t tell you have chuffed I am. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t clever enough to pass let alone get the grades I have achieved.  With the early success, comes the pressure to keep it up so I may have shot myself in the foot… no, it just means I have to keep working hard which is what I do every day.

Sadly, the issue of racism has raised its ugly head along with the feeling that we are living through the 1930s again experiencing the stuff we read about in our history lessons. Let’s hope people power prevails and we do not end with the same disastrous result. It is down to us all of us decent folk to stop it in its tracks and I hope everyone reading this is with me. If not, leave now. My greatest hates are discrimination and prejudice… as well as injustice.

I have always said to the boys… put yourself in that person’s shoes before you make a judgment on their lives. Iraq, Libya and Syria invasions were “justified” by the West as a means to let democracy prevail. I wonder what many American or Brits would say if our countries were invaded on the basis of restoring democracy – let’s face it… neither of our Governments are listening. What you need to remember is one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Thatcher supported Apartheid and called my hero, Nelson Mandela a terrorist. History tells us otherwise!
I do not in anyway condone violence, by the way. I very much believe in diplomacy - before anyone tries to portray me as a terrorist sympathiser... oh wait... Cameron did that already!

This week has been so depressing on the news front. I have found solace in the Barenaked Ladies, Bob Marley and John Lennon.

Wes starts politics in his Semester two and all I will say is, they really will not know what has hit them! To criticise something, you have to understand it and boy does he know fascism! The best thing of all… he has educated himself with little input from me.

I have more in common with a Syrian Mum trying to keep her children safe than I do with the Prime Minister of my country. We all have our battles but I cannot imagine the pain and suffering war has inflicted on millions of people. We do need a new world order but not of intolerance and greed. We need peacemakers, diplomats and people in power who care about peoples’ lives. I watch our Government and see people who want to play silly games while children live in poverty or disabled are mistreated. There is another way – a new order and it is up to each and every one of us to exercise our democratic rights – not just putting a cross on a paper!

The future has become even more uncertain for all of us. Let us shape it the right way… please for the sake of our children and their children.
Well I'm off to start research for my next subjects - green computing technologies and strategies, critical perspective of information and my main dissertation. My kind of sanctuary!

Much love

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