Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Meniere’s Madness

I’m all over the place at the minute. When I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, the Consultant did tell me it was very early days and it would become progressively worse. That was fourteen years ago. There have been good and bad periods and recently, up to last week, I went through a great spell. I thought, by some miracle, I had been cured! Then last Sunday knocked me for six when I had a sudden drop attack. No warning, just bang! Totally out of the blue whilst out canvassing for the election.

My confidence is at an all-time low again. I am scared to go out and have to force myself to do everyday things like shopping, schools run because I have to. I have no choice. I have help from Wes and Lucas and that is it. You see – people just don’t understand and I have not got the patience to sit and explain it repeatedly in the hope that the penny will finally drop.

I am desperately trying to get well as I can’t afford to be ill both financially and physically. I have so much to do. For now, I have had to slow down which is impacting on my Master’s degree and my future plans. The bright side is the doctors have finally conceded to run further tests and do a CT scan. I may even get the chance to change from the awful Consultant I have. Every cloud has a silver lining!! For now, I have to sit back and let the world pass me by. Today I feel like I’m on a ship in a rough storm, tomorrow it could be a gentle sway. Who knows?

The frustration of not being able to campaign in this election, complete my Masters assignments and spend time in the sun with my boys is overwhelming at times. I hate it! Don’t ever take your health for granted or spend time on insignificant, trivial matters. Live life to the full – everyday!

I’m typing most of this with my eyes shut and occasionally open them to see red and blue lines across the page! Need more practice but wish I didn’t have to.

The writing is on hold this week too
It's SATs week for Lucas. I am have been so impressed with him and the school who have gone out of their way to ensure no pressure has been placed on the children. They even sent a small survival pack out to all the children - very clever :

I am so proud of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. It is one of the hardest challenges in
life to stick your head above everyone else and stay true to your principles. Now, those principles of fairness and equality we share, are being debated and called out. It is refreshing to have people on my side for once.

Source UK Labour
Things cannot go on the way they are but I fear people will not see the potential in Labour’s policies and vote for a woman who has consistently lied throughout her time in Cameron’s Government and as Prime Minister. As a proud, intelligent Yorkshire lass, I find it deeply insulting the Conservatives think by replacing their name with “Theresa’s Team” us up north will be hoodwinked into supporting her. A sheep in wolf’s clothing!

Going forward, the Labour Party and the trade unions need to establish a policy and research centre to focus on future educational and job requirements, preferably set up in Leeds (hint! hint!).

Much love

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