Friday, 2 June 2017

The best things come to those…

Yesterday was my birthday. I am one year younger than Sgt Peppers! It was an extraordinary day which started with waking up to two unexpected emails. The first was from a publishing company wanting to have a look at Beyond the Lies and another from a production company advising they would like to take a look at Streetwise. Both on the same day! On my birthday! If I’m honest I had to check they were legit! They are.

At 11am I had a Master’s presentation that went really well.

When I returned home I was lavished with love and gifts from the boys. What makes this year so special is they have done it all themselves. I have never felt so loved and appreciated. I am so, so blessed.

Only Trump tainted the day with his ridiculous, narcissistic withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement – there is always one!

We have one week to go to the General Election in the UK. To say I am proud of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn would be the under-statement of the year! As much as I wanted to be on the doorstep, the drop attack has scared me so I’ve been frantically doing all I can to promote and sell the policies in other ways. Sometimes you have no choice but to listen to your body. I have a CT scan this next week. Hopefully it will give us an idea of what is going on in my head – and that is a very scary thought!

I’ve even had to cancel our weekend to Liverpool for the Sgt Pepper’s 50th anniversary celebrations. I am truly gutted and frustrated!

Today I listened to Labour’s industrial strategy covering small businesses, climate change, sustainability and research and development. It is very exciting, transformative, innovative and inspirational. We finally have a party who will consult with a wide range of people and LISTEN. I make no apologies for backing a party that gives mine and everyone’s children a brighter future. Isn’t what we all want?

The manifesto is well worth a read and can be found here - Manifesto. Please judge for yourself.

Getting interest from a publisher and production company has reinvigorated my desire to continue to write. Now I am cracking on with the Nanny and my Master’s dissertation. I do have a 500 words essay to write on why I want to teach Computer Science for my interview next Thursday. I may have Meniere’s but it will NOT stop me from living a full life.

Well, that is me for now. We were going to have barbecue but the British weather has temporarily halted this until tomorrow afternoon. Have a fabulous, safe and happy weekend.

Much love

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