Sunday, 8 June 2014

If only I could be cloned!! Mind you, I’m not sure the world is ready for two of me!

After a couple of weeks with no symptoms, I was beginning to think I had the Menieres under control again. Unfortunately going out on Thursday night for the first time in three years was either brave or very, very stupid. It was a great night though and if you get the opportunity to go to one of Sant Angelo’s tribute nights in Wetherby make sure you go. The food was fabulous, the entertainment truly amazing and the company first class. Unfortunately the combination of wine and loud music proved too much at once which meant I spent most of yesterday afternoon laid on the sofa watching sport!! Yes, it was such a chore!!

When I was diagnosed with Menieres in 2007 I was warned it would progressively worsen but as with any invisible disability no one is sure of the prognosis. I suppose I had hoped I was miraculously cured but this weekend has proven that was wishful thinking. BUT I am not moaning and I don’t want any sympathy, maybe just a little bit of understanding. For the next few days I will be fighting off sickness and dizziness and will definitely be thinking twice about going out for a while. IT was fun whilst it lasted though. The best source of information has been the Meniere's Society.

Being laid up forced me to watch Castleford v Wigan in the Challenge Cup and England’s friendly against Honduras although I think someone forget to mention to Honduras that it was a friendly. Still, we escaped any injuries. I did have to turn the ITV commentary off. It does wind me up that England are being written off, even before we boarded the aeroplane! Get a grip people! REMEMBER we have our, not so secret weapon, Raheem Sterling.

After watching a cracking junior rugby league match this morning, where the only stress was on the pitch for once,  I am going to watch Bradford v Warrington. Then I have a huge dilemma – do I watch Soccer Aid or Formula One? These decisions are life changing, NOT but nevertheless another decision I have to make alone. In fact, I would love someone to make the decisions for me, just for one day. That’s on my bucket list! I kid not. I would love to have someone to just take the mundane decisions from me – what to wear, what to have for tea – those sort of things. I’d also love someone to do the housekeeping for me. I HATE shopping, with an absolute passion. I would rather IRON than shop and that is saying something. 

DO you have a bucket list? When I was younger mine consisted of the big house, flash car, travel and holidays. Now, my list is so different and includes a newer car – my little fake Ferrari is getting on a bit and adding the Sheffield mileage is inevitably going to take its toll (on me as well as the car!). I don’t even want my Ferrari, DB9 or Jaguar. I’d be happy with a little jazzy run around that Wes can learn to drive in next year, ha he can be my chauffeur for once. I’d also love to get past the end of the month and know the bills have been paid. That is my ultimate aim. Finally, I’d just like a helping hand. Someone who is trustworthy, reliable and super-efficient. I’m a simple girl really. At least I am trying, some would say ‘very trying’.

Liverpool Football Club 

On the 3rd June 2014 my beloved Liverpool FC turned 122 years old. A BIG Happy Birthday. Thank you for giving me endless heart attacks, anxiety and stress but most of all immense pleasure – I will never, ever forget Istanbul!! Nor will I ever be prouder of a club and city that has taken on the establishment and are on the brink of justice at last.

It is fabulous to see such young Liverpool players in the World Cup squad. Just PLEASE no injuries! Good Luck to Luis Suarez too although I want England to win.

We had a great debate in our house over the signing of Ricky Lambert. I have complete faith in Brendan Rogers and it’s all part of the master plan! #YNWA

 Rugby League & Scholarship

The biggest sacrifice I have had to make this year was to surrender my Leeds Rhinos season ticket. Scholarship training clashed with the majority of home games. It is a price I am willing to pay to support my son in the quest for his future career plans. I laughed when a parent told us to turn the scholarship place down as it was ‘uneconomically viable.’ Really? I don’t put a price on my son’s future or his happiness. Besides trips to Sheffield are still more economically viable than sitting in a pub all afternoon. I can’t believe that we have five weeks left of the scholarship programme and despite some people, Wes and I have gotten so much from being in a professional club. This week has been the expression of interest week where professional clubs put their names forward to speak to players. It is a fascinating process and one we are thankful of being a part of, whatever the outcome. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and have made lots of friends for life. We will find out over the next few weeks, what the future holds and whatever the outcome I am incredibly proud of Wes for showing such professionalism and determination to be the best he can be, which is all we can be.


Since setting the draft deadline, I have been working on ensuring the plot line is perfect. Boy it has been a real challenge in writing a sequel – I think I will stick to one off books in the future! That’s not true because I never take the easy option in life. I am a perfectionist and want every detail of the book to be right even if it is the first draft. It’s silly really because things will be changed around in the editing phase anyway. Before I even submit the work to the publishers the book will go through possibly four edits. My sister also edits my work and she is a slave driver!! In fact, on our night out on Thursday she was harassing me to finish the draft – who needs an Agent!! I am happy with how the writing is going but schools go back tomorrow so I intend to spend the day, shut off from everyone to write. I will even be OFF social media for the day, well until after tea time.

Then, Tuesday I am on a mission to sort out some events to promote the book. By the end of the week I will have at least three events sorted out – they will be on the website It is so hard to promote a debut novel with no budget. The little money I have is devoted to the children and the scholarship so I have to manage on
promoting the book with a zero budget. Hopefully this will only ever happen with this novel. It’s very frustrating as grants are only available for unpublished authors yet published authors have to work with no income. However, without promotion the book won’t be successful – chicken and egg!!

Although tempting sometimes, I won’t give in. I am going to make a success of this.

As you can see I have an incredibly busy week and look forward to the scholarship game on Saturday and my little legs has a football presentation at the same time at the rugby match – if only I could be cloned!! Mind you, I’m not sure the world is ready for two of me!

A quick thank you to all my twitter followers on both the book (@BeyondthePast1) and my account (@CharlespR2D2), old and new and to say I have exceeded 30,000 views on Google Plus – that is insane! I love the support from all of you, please keep it coming.

Have a productive and safe week. Make sure you go out and GET THEM…

You can purchase the book from 
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