Saturday, 18 October 2014

I’m on it…

Apologies for the blogs being hit and miss recently but I am in full writing mode and so close, I mean agonisingly close to finishing the first draft of Beyond the Lies. I put myself under so much pressure when I really don’t need to. I have no publishing deadline for this second novel although there are quite a few people eagerly awaiting the next instalment, if only life didn’t get in the way! It has taken me twice as long to write this book with valid reasons. I have had to combine writing this with the marketing of Beyond the Past which was my very first, full length novel. When I wrote Beyond the Past the only plan I had was the main character would be Annie and the book would feature rugby league. In fact, it didn’t even start out as a crime, it started as a romance but quickly turned into a crime thriller.

This new book is purposely different. I have planned this one. Although the plan detail has grown organically during writing, the planned timeline has remained consistent throughout. This is a conspiracy crime so continuity is vital. The timeline incorporates all the characters, all the timelines had to match and be realistic. In addition, I don’t know about you but I expect a sequel to be better than the first. Serves me right really!! Now, I have to put into practise what I have complained about for years! I am confident, however this sequel is a knockout.

Like with any new profession, you only get better the more you do it (Probably what Annie and Mark think too!!!). I already feel my writing is improving and my confidence is growing (at long last!). Nobody is perfect at anything and we can all strive to be better.

One thing that did spring to mind this week – in all the years of reading, I can honestly say I never thought about how the authors struggled in their writing careers until now. At the moment I am literally working for nothing so I am hoping my hard work pays off before I am too old to enjoy it. I also read books in a different light wondering what the author’s motivation was to write a specific novel – hazards of the job I suppose! I have also read lots of authors’ blogs this week and don’t feel as isolated or as much of a lunatic anymore (ha ha) especially when I read this - it really made me smile.

Wetherby Library Author Talk

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of talking to a lovely audience of book enthusiasts at Wetherby Library. Wetherby is the local town that features the police station DCI Fisher and DS Davies are based at. My only previous talk as an author was at Wetherby High School when I discussed inspiration and motivation. The presentation slides for that talk are available on my website.

Anyway, I spent most of Tuesday feeling really nervous and worried it would be a flop or no one would turn up. Of course, neither happened and it was a delightful evening which actually went too quickly! I hope everyone that attended enjoyed the evening as much as I did and thank you to all the staff at the library.

Now I have my first author talk under my belt, there is no stopping me! If you would like to book an author talk, please contact me via my website 


Congratulations to Tracey (from Arizona, USA) and Wendy (Ontario, Canada) who both won copies of Beyond the Past. The books are on the way to you. I look forward to receiving your constructive feedback shortly.  Come over to goodreads and join me

Before I go, I just want to tell you this. At the 6th form this week, Wes was set a task, along with his peers to find out how stressed out they were. A number of questions were given rankings from 0 to 10 and then the totals were added up at the end. If you scored less than 50 you was under stressed and over 50, over stressed. Because Wes scored under 50, his tutor told him he runs the risk of not being motivated and being  a lazy adult, this is to a child who trains three times a week, does all his homework, exceeded expectations on his exam results, is flying through his A level work and plays football when he can. Apparently, he reached this score because I don’t put any pressure on him at home. Why should I pressure him? As far as I am concerned, parents should NEVER EVER  need or want to put pressure on their children. Encourage them and support them but never push them to the brink of being over stressed! What a ridiculous notion. Let’s face it I can’t be doing too bad a job with the success both boys are having. I can’t get my head round why stress, or lack of it, is a measurement of motivation and success. The simple fact is I have taught both my boys to manage stress through being able to talk to me and I also know when the boys are stressed and deal with it with them. Pressure my boys, my eye! (I don’t like to swear on here otherwise I would!!).

What concerns me more than the exercise being carried out in the first place, is the fact that once they identified the stress levels, no counselling or support was offered to the students that were over stressed. Yes they were given childline’s number but really?!? Now that is worrying.

Next week I will definitely finish the first draft of Beyond the Lies. Once this is done, I then start the task of a full plot and evidence review. Then the joys of editing. In the middle of this I will be back on social media pestering you all. Have a fabulous week everyone.



The first three chapters of Beyond the Past are posted on my website to give you a taster 



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