Thursday, 2 October 2014

There’s always hope…

It’s been an incredibly busy two weeks, professionally and personally. After months of dredging up the past and forgiving myself for the horrible mistakes I have made, I am ready to move forward. I have even found myself thinking of dating again – I never thought I would ever say that again but third time lucky, maybe? Internet dating is an absolute no, no for me, especially as one of my future crime novels will feature the pitfalls of it (shudders at the thought!). The trouble is, outside of running the kids everywhere I don’t go out and there my master plan of finding a partner in crime fails miserably before it has even started. You never know, they say love turns up in the most unexpected places. We shall see. For now I shall keep creating my leading men rather than living with him – there are a thousand pluses to that statement!

I’m writing this while enjoying a cream tea at Roundhay Park – honest I don’t get out much. The sun is shining and only the gentle cool breeze gives away the time of year.
Still on a high from the book launch, I am also delighted to report Kindle sales have increased in the UK and in, drum roll please, the USA! Me! Little ME! My book is out there in the world. My book is being read in places I can only dream of visiting. I know one thing, I will get to New York and Washington before I die, along with seeing a NRL game live in Australia.

Last Sunday was our last rugby league game of the season. Where has this year gone? Usually, we are ready for a break – all rugbyed out! But not this time, well not me. Wes probably doesn’t share the same sentiment with his sore nose and black eye from the last game but I’m sad its over and it could be the last game he plays for the Hawks – a short spell indeed. The Rugby Football League decide next week the Academy format for 2015 and it is very likely it will be a new system next year. We are waiting the news before we can plan to move forward. Whatever happens his future looks great and as a parent that’s what I hope for.

What next?

Well, I spent two days carrying out a full plot review of the sequel just because I woke up at 3am in a blind panic that the continuity was all wrong and that I’d got one of the characters visiting a prisoners when he himself was in custody – sounds like an episode of Soap! Do you remember Soap? Anyway, I hadn’t – the prison visit occurs before the incident he is arrested for. Panic over. Serves me right for doubting myself. Old habits die hard. I can’t say much more, I don’t want to give anything away. I am very, very close to finishing the first draft of this book now, hence the 4.30am starts – I write better in the morning.

My biggest decision when the draft is finished, is which storyline to choose next. All of them excite me… decisions, decisions.

GoodReads Giveaway

A huge thank you to all 714 people who took the time to enter the competition. Congratulations to Wendy Holland of Ontario, Canada and Tracey Trafford, USA. Your signed books will be on their way to you shortly.

You can purchase the book from :

Amazon UK  
Amazon US

The first three chapters are posted on my website to give you a taster 

This is my book trailer providing details of the plot.

Author Talk

Tuesday 14th October 2014 6 -7 pm I will be giving a talk at Wetherby Library, discussing my journey as an author so far. You are all very welcome to attend this free event.
I will also be signing books. See my website for details or facebook.

Well, I’m off to pick the boys up now (actually I’m finishing this off sitting in the car outside school – every minute counts!)

Good luck to all the teams in the Championship Grand Final at Headingley this week – gutted Sheffield Eagles didn’t make it but there’s next year. Good luck to the Rabbitohs in the NRL Grand Final, which is typically on at the same time as the Formula One – thank goodness for Sky Plus!

Until next time… stay safe and have lots of fun.

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