Monday, 1 December 2014

Whatever happened to integrity, dignity and common decency?

I may have to get on my soap box a little this week – well actually, a lot. A few things have really bugged me this week no more so than Black Friday! A concept thought up by big business to market their products in an ‘artificial’ sale, well that’s my definition of it anyway. It frustrates the hell out of me that the majority of people fall for it, exactly what retailers are hoping for. I was so embarrassed and to be honest, ashamed of those people that were willing to fight over televisions and other goods just to grab themselves a ‘bargain.’ Let’s be frank, retailers could quite easily knock their prices down and attract more customers all year round, not just playing on the mad consumerism that Christmas has become. Maybe a step backwards to look at the bigger picture is required.

This happening, in the same week as Good Morning Britain launches their meal donation campaign with the food banks and Trussell Trust, made it even harder to stomach.  I find it really repulsive that normal, hard-working families are forced to use food banks to feed their families because of the minimum wage and zero hour contracts yet people are fighting over televisions! What is the world coming to? 

It’s exactly the same with the NHS. How can the NHS fund pills that reduce the appetite for drinking alcohol yet can’t fund some cancer treatments? No-one has a choice with cancer!! The world is turning upside down and the wrong way round. I have little faith in most political parties and politicians. There are some really exceptional MPs that fight for their communities and to make this country a better place BUT the majority of them are career MPs, using it as a stepping stone for bigger and better things. That is what we should be addressing. Are we all so blinded by the media and what we are told is good for us, that collectively we cannot stop all the spin and lies we are told? We all have a responsibility to take a really good look at ourselves, our communities, our country and our world. It is so easy to pick out political scapegoats –  immigrants, benefits cheats - yet we never stand up and actually make the politicians, media or businesses accountable for their actions. Let’s face it they are the ones that control our lives.

They don’t fool me at all. The government announced this Weekend £3 billion for the NHS. My first question was where is it coming from? My second was, if it is there, why wasn’t it being spent in the first place before we hit crisis point? And my third reaction was I bet it is not new money at all, it’s just a ploy to make us all think of how great our government are. YOU DON’T FOOL ME!!! 

Whatever happened to integrity, dignity, accountability and common decency? 

I grew up with Star Wars and absolutely love all the films. My nickname is R2D2 (all body no legs, apparently!). Isn’t it a great shame that people tried to make the trailer an issue about race. It never, ever crossed my mind when I saw the trailer that the storm trooper was black. NOT ONCE! And why? Because not once I have ever thought any one of us is different, better or superior! We are all human beings, shouldn’t that be enough?

The biggest lesson I have learned this year is how some adults behave is truly despicable, yet these people are the one’s teaching our future generations. I do wonder what sort of world my children’s children will have by the time they are parents themselves. Let’s hope I have taught my children enough to use their right as a human being to address the imbalances in the world.

Now I have that off my chest, I can move forward and pick the next book project. I have ten to choose from and I thought it would be easy to pick but I love them all. I have whittled it down to three and I may have to close my eyes and stick a pin in one of them to choose – I mean in the paper not my eye!


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