Saturday, 27 December 2014

Lessons learned in 2014

Why would I want a house owned by the mortgage company, cars leased and never owned and a miserable, boring life where my only income is as a result of someone else's hard work? That's why some people are so bitter and twisted because they are stuck! They are unfulfilled. I speak from bitter experience. Just to clarify this was the life I left behind when I lost my job AFTER being diagnosed with Menieres and had to rely on support from others. I hated being dependent on other people. It has taken a lot of soul searching to find my new way in life and accept that what I lost was lost for a reason.

That's the main lesson I have learned in 2014. I don't need material things or the wrong people in my life. I'm now making my own choices and my own life again AND teaching my children the real values of life. I may not have LOTS of material things and designer clothes but I have REAL values, fabulous children and peace of mind. Money can't buy them.

These are my lessons of 2014 :

1.      Never underestimate the bitterness of some people –  
         driven through ignorance and  jealousy.
2.      The positive motivation from the bitterness of some 
         people is a powerful driving force to succeed.
3.      Some adults are prepared to go to any lengths to stop 
         CHILDREN from succeeding in their chosen field.
4.      The positive motivation and solidarity of a family is 
         more powerful than the lengths people go to, to stop 
         a child from succeeding. It taught my teenager a very 
         valuable lesson in life.
5.      There is an awful lot of adults that are so negative, 
         bordering on nasty with no real justification.
6.      The power of love and kindness is stronger than any 
         negativity from adults.
7.      Some adults never outgrow High School behaviour.
8.      Self-development and improvement is vital for a 
         fulfilled life. Don’t let other people’s failure to grow
         prevent you from blooming.
9.      Never underestimate the power you hold to influence 
         and improve the quality of thinking and 
         understanding on future generations.
        book being published, not the power of 
        understanding my own life and mind, BUT to see my 
        teenager develop into a well-grounded,    
        compassionate, clued up and motivated young man. 
        JOB PART DONE!

Some things I could have done better, some things I will change for 2015 but overall I made a start. I smiled a lot this year at other people's attempts to stop us from achieving our goals whereas previously IT would have derailed us.

It has been an extraordinary year for us. My first EVER book published, independence, both boys doing really well, Wes gaining solid GCSE’s and earning his Academy place. I am bursting with pride but I know I am a work in progress. It may take a few more years for us to be self-sufficient but I have set my goals & I am on target. NO one can stop you if you really want it & are prepared to work for it. 2015 looks very bright and very exciting. I don’t think I have ever looked forward so much to a new year as I am now AND 2014 has been truly uplifting and empowering. I will always look back on this year as the year I took control of my life and saw my children grow more in one year than any other year. I DID THAT!! We are not that special, we just know what we want and we are prepared to work for it. You can do it too x

In 2015 the inquests may come to an end. I want to send all my love to the victims, families and everyone who was involved in Hillsborough. Anne Williams taught me how to stand up and be counted and that lesson has been priceless, no more so than this year. God bless to you all. Justice is coming...

Have you set your goals for 2015? Do it now NOT as a New Year resolution xx

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and the very best wishes from all my family to you all in 2015.  Let’s all work together to make the world a happier, tolerant and peaceful place.

The first three chapters of Beyond the Past are posted on my website to give you a taster 



Lots of love


  1. My husband suffers from Menieres Disease and underwent surgery to kill the nerves in the effected ear. It solved the sickness but at the cost of his hearing in that ear. Blessings to you. This is a debilitating illness. I hope yours fades away without such radical intervention.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately I can not have the surgery as I have Menieres in both ears. It has taken me some time to accept my new limitations and each day is a challenge but I want to prove to myself that life goes on and how adaptable we all can be