Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mum’s the word…and Dad’s too

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get really annoyed with people that are constantly not happy with what they have even when they have a home, a family, a job, etc. We are all guilty of taking our own lives for granted, me included.

There are some people I have got to know through social media that I really respect because of the way they conduct themselves. Last weekend, one of them lost their Mum in horrendous circumstances and it made me realise how fragile life is.  As a Mum, I know what impact I have had on my sons’ lives and I know we underestimate the effect Mums, and Dads can have on our lives and our children’s lives. From the views my social media friend posts, I know if I was his Mum, I would be very proud. His Mum’s legacy lives through his and his children’s lives. That is all I ask for too. The legacy I want to leave is two decent human beings who go on to teach their children the right values in life.

One of my heroes is a ‘MUM’, a very special, formidable Mum. You see, she took on the English establishment. Annie Williams fought for her son which ultimately cost her, her life. I have followed Annie’s story since the Hillsborough disaster. Proud is too much of an under-statement. For me, she is the ultimate working class hero. She was forced into a situation, had to learn so much about the legal system and took on the very foundations of what is rotten about our country now. Her inspiring fight was driven by maternal instinct and a deep hatred of injustice. She showed me that, in spite of everything, it is vital as a Mum, or a Dad, to fight for your child. There are too many nasty, vindictive people out there that your children will encounter. Make sure you are their rock, their support and their biggest fan. Annie fought a courageous fight against the most ferocious, vindictive opposition. She IS my hero!

I have spent some time this week in tears reading the evidence being given. I cannot begin to imagine what these families are having to go through AGAIN. My heart goes out to everyone but especially Sara who lost her brother and Mum. To still be living this nightmare is incomprehensible. I hope the families and victims get all they need from the inquests. Bless them all. From adversity and travesty, came a true working class hero.

I think the role of a parent is undermined by the powers that be in this country, whether it be insanely ridiculous school rules or government policy. It is time we look at the positive influence us parents can have on moulding future generations and society. 

A new hope

So my quest to promote my kind of socialism took a further step on Friday when I attended my first Labour Party constituency meeting in thirty years! One thing Meniere’s does is, it takes away your self-confidence, chips away at it one attack after another. It takes a hell of a lot of oomph to go outside your comfort zone and walk into a room where you know absolutely no one. I left knowing new friends.

Jeremy Corbyn certainly has his work cut out in delivering his new kind of politics. For me, an essential element of this is ensuring grass roots levels are engaging enough to recruit and retain new members but if anyone can, #JezCan. I would love for more people to join forces and fight for justice, honesty and integrity.

Personally what I would like policy that shows the failures of this government and policy that shows how it can be better. For example on mental health. This government bangs on about its investment when in reality they have decimated services. Let’s show that in figures we all can understand.

The most impressive moment of the conference was John McDonnell’s speech – yes I am a bit of an economics geek and finally someone is speaking my kind of economics and politics.  I hope people will open their hearts and minds and listen before judging.

In between BBC Parliament and Lucas being ill, I have managed to get quite a lot of work done. Time management is a strong point, thankfully!

The Nanny

This project is developing well. You may recall I had planned this one, a rarity for me. Well, I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear that I have changed the plan three times already! Moral: don’t fix what ain’t broken! I have decided my best style is ‘winging it’ because the twist and turns in a plot cannot be planned. It works for me.


Apparently, according to the jungle drums and gossip, me doing a PhD is crazy. Comments like ‘PhD, her? What does she know about computers?’ People should know by now that this sort of talk only drives me on to do better and work harder. The judgements are made devoid of facts, facts like me having a first class honours degree in business information systems, including Strategic Management of IT systems and the fact I was awarded for my results and me heading the implementation of IT systems in insurance brokerages when the internet was a mere experiment.  So, a note to my critics: I challenge you to stop gossiping and actually put your time to better use to make the world a better place. Go on…I dare you!

 Beyond the Past

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Listen, whatever you do, do it with the right intentions and for the right reasons. Surround yourself with doers not doubters and believe me, you will achieve your dreams. Have a fabulous week.

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