Friday, 30 October 2015

When did the world turn upside down?

I tell you, the world has gone mad… M.A.D.

I haven’t done a blog for a couple of weeks, my absence due to yet another family crisis and writing The Nanny. I become absolutely submerged in the story I am writing. I should change my occupation to ‘crisis management consultant’ or ‘fire fighter’, that’s how I feel sometimes. It’s blooming hard work bringing up two boys, writing, running a home, managing Meniere’s, all single-handedly. It’s made even harder by the people who barely begin to understand all of it but claim to be expert analysts of my life!

Why do some people get so angry at someone not singing the national anthem or wearing the right colour poppy yet ignore children in poverty, the homeless on the streets, disabled people cruelly losing their life as a direct result of cuts and human beings dying fleeing from war? Really? Explain it to me because I do NOT understand the warped sense of loyalty to tradition yet not to the human race.

I imagine every writer to go through stages of self-doubt and low self-esteem. I know I do but mine is also fuelled by Meniere’s and other people constant battering and bitching about me. Honestly, I do try to just get on with my life but it is really hard to ignore when it is members of your own family. Over the years of my life, I seemed to have attracted some right maniacs – ‘maniac magnet’. I naively let them into my life only to find they have some sick, deep rooted hatred, usually borne from gossip and pre-conceived ideas of what I should be, not what I am. Regrettably this includes family members which has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt this week. Devastated yet resigned that my instincts were right all along. My circle of friends will stay exclusively small and I am quite happy to become a recluse.  I don’t know why people want to be evil, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why people want to knock other people down. I am genuinely happy for anyone to succeed through their own hard work, determination and vision. Maybe one day, someone would be kind enough to explain it to me. The fact is people who have not striven for dreams or out of their comfort zone do NOT understand that you have to take the knock backs on the way to the top. You can either sit out life on the side-lines or get out there and get stuck in. Criticism is given to people who dare to have a go by people who are nothing more than merely existing. Am I mad? Probably. Am I sensitive and caring? Definitely. Am I wanting to show my children that you don't have to let life pass you by? HELL YES!!!

Yesterday we went to see Spectre. It was great having both boys with me and both are huge James Bond, and Star Wars, fans. This was the first time we could all go see Bond together as Lucas was too young when Skyfall came out. He has seen it about ten times since!! The cinema used to be one of my favourite past times but Meniere’s has robbed me of enjoying it. I’ve been on strong pain killers since yesterday because of the Dolby surround system. Still, I’ll gladly suffer the pain to see my little 007 sit on the edge of his seat and shout ‘NOOO!’ when the DB10 plunged into the river! Priceless, petrol heads all three of us! I highly recommend the movie but, in my opinion, it is not as good as Skyfall.


One job at a time, that is what I keep telling myself until of course I am woken in the middle of the night with a new story line. At the moment it is all about The Nanny.

The Nanny

This is proving a fabulous challenge as I am writing it with flashbacks to the 1970s. I love it. The beauty of writing is, not one day is the same. When I am writing I am lost in another world, the world I am creating. This is the first time I have used detailed flashbacks. I am really enjoying the research and the writing. The more I write the more I fall in love with writing. Once the money appears and takes the financial pressure off, I will be in my perfect place.

#RIP Uncle Danny

My uncle died yesterday. I have so many happy memories, particularly of the stories he told of Ireland. We had some amazing discussions about The Troubles and he is one of the inspirations behind The Nanny. He taught me to look at the conflict from so many perspectives. RIP Uncle Danny and thank you xxxxx

Beyond the Past

My book is available in the UK, USA and now in Australia, which is pretty amazing. Next week, I am going to be doing some intensive online marketing, specifically targeted at Australia. I know they love rugby league. Watch out for me on social media.

Have you had the chance to read it yet? Would you like to review it for me?
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I recently came across a 5 star rating I had received in the USA which was a much needed boost. It really gives me the confidence to keep going. Thank you.

That 'P' word

Politics has always played a big part in our family life. We have great debates, all three of us – yes Lucas can hold his own when it comes to his beliefs! We are loving the revitalised left wing movement, not just in the UK but in places like Portugal. The times they are a changing and all the lies are being exposed. Watch out world!!

It was a very proud moment this week when we attended a University Open Day and one of the lecturers on a course admitted he wanted Wes on his course because of his interest in politics and current affairs. The course is right Wes' street and his enthusiasm for the course resulted in an incredibly intelligent personal statement. I’m looking forward to him opening his horizons at University, the debates will rage on.

You could always join Momentum and help shape a better world for our future generations.

In spite of the ridicule and derision, I am glad I have stood my ground and brought the boys up my way. I am proud they are growing up into independent leaders not followers. They know their own minds but are not arrogant as to not listen to other viewpoints. They know what is right and wrong and they know their Mama is proud and unconditionally in love with them.

Have a fabulous week. Don’t let people put you off what you can be and don’t judge people by what comes out of other people’s mouths. Stay true to who you are.

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