Sunday, 15 November 2015

Let’s face it, I’m a bit of a nightmare…

It’s been hard writing the blog this week after watching the horrors unfold on Friday night in Paris. My heart-felt condolences to all those lives affected by atrocities all over the world.

I’m a living nightmare to the media, the establishment, brand marketers and to most people who don’t understand I do not want to fall into ‘conforming’ or living a stereo typical life. Whether people like me or not, is irrelevant. I don’t force my ideas onto people. Just like everyone else, I have an opinion. My opinion is based upon my life experiences, my education and what is in my heart. I don’t expect everyone, or anyone if I’m honest, to agree with me but I do expect you to RESPECT ME. Disagree and debate but do it respectfully – democracy!

We say we live in a democratic society but do we? Really? We have all witnessed the media destroy innocent people and their lives through publishing LIES! Yes, lies. Not misplaced stories, slants or opinion – LIES! And who has brought them to justice? DEMOCRATICALLY elected governments have committed offences, broken international and national laws and yet they have not been made accountable or brought to justice.

I was taught that to live in a democracy means truth and justice prevail. I don’t see any of that! It is NOT okay to KILL! FULL STOP! Anyone. No religion, no culture or no government should accept that killing is justifiable. The world is more unsafe now than it has ever been. In that respect, our world leaders have failed miserably. We need a new way of thinking. A new approach.

I’m ashamed to be part of a world where children have little or no significance at all. What sort of future are we building? A bloody terrifying one. We have children in poverty, children being murdered, abused and killed and children being turned into killers. I really fear for the future of the world. I send my heart-felt sympathy to everyone caught up in terrorism, conflict and violence. I pray for someone in power to be brave enough to end the cycle of killing and bring peace to humanity. WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER.


Well, I got feedback from the production company. The envelope came and I hesitated opening it – expecting a categoric ‘NO’. Actually, that is not what came at all. The letter was so positive and constructive, it has spurred me on to, not only edit Streetwise but continue to write The Nanny.

If I’m honest, had it been an emphatic ‘no’ I think I would have put the pad and pen away for now. Guiding through a new career alone is like plaiting fog! It is the first time I have received constructive feedback from the experts. I really think the publishing industry, in particular, needs to be more open and transparent with new authors, rather than being secretive and aloof.

Anyway, I got the letter on Thursday and today, Sunday I have managed to edit the script down from 303 pages to 147, without losing any integrity or continuity. It has been a fabulous lesson in the art of screenwriting. A couple more read throughs and we will be ready to re-submit the work.

 Beyond the Past

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This week, Lucas had to choose a childhood hero to dress as, for Children in Need. He is huge fan of Star Wars, James Bond, Marvel Comics and WWE fan - he had plenty to choose from. 

Do you know who he chose?  Yes - he chose his big brother!! It's moments like this when you realise you are doing something right!

I am thankful for my life. However hard it may seem, it is MY life and I have two amazing children who I know will grow up to be compassionate, understanding and well-grounded young men.

I’m keeping it short this week – don’t be so happy about that! If there is anything I would ask people to consider in the world it is this … please think about the source of information you are reading before making any judgement. Think about how life will be if we continue to kill each other. Let’s all take responsibility to bring peace and tolerance back to humanity – for the sake of the children.

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