Thursday, 19 November 2015

Normal is SO overrated and boring...

Einstein once said (I think) ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Probably never a true word spoken in light of recent events. I don’t understand how our elected MPs and leaders do NOT grasp the fact that bombing the Middle East is INSANE especially when the perpetrators of the true horrific events in recent years have held US, British, French, Belgium passports. In the name of ‘freedom’ we justify making innocent men, women and children suffer because they just happen to be in the country where this despicable group of lowlifes have their base. ANY killing is WRONG!!  There is no justice for the displaced Syrians, the thousands of children who will have to face the horrors of what they have witnessed. I dread to think what sort of world will be left for our children, I really do.

It’s been a blooming busy week. Poor Lucas picked up another throat infection so received some much needed TLC. In between Mummy Nurse duties, I have been really focused on work and home life. I tried out a new routine this week and it appears to be working. Instead of taking a day out each week to clean and sort the house out, I’ve been cleaning one room a day. Honestly, just a small adjustment has saved me so much ‘guilt’ time (you know what I mean – the guilt you feel when you should be writing and you’re not AND the guilt you feel when you’re writing and the house is a total tip). It also gives me time to think each day and it is surprising how many ideas are formulated with the strong smell of bleach – must be the fumes!!


I finished the edit and have to say I have learnt so much in the art of script writing during this time. It is amazing how you can be ruthless and takes scenes out yet the story line becomes stronger. I’ve now started to plan the sequel and already have some really strong characters and stories. Never let the grass grow and all that…

I’m not afraid to self-analyse or admit when I get things wrong. I am even more comfortable with myself than I have ever been. I’m truly happy not to fit into the ‘norm’ and follow the crowd, just because that’s the popular thing to do. Being different is very exciting and as I have always said – ‘normal’ is overrated. I am still waiting for a definition of normal and I suspect one does not really exist.

Beyond the Past

I started working on the script (told you it’s been a busy one) for the screen adaptation. So many people have told me they see this as a movie or television drama. As I am not one to disappoint, I thought I would give it a go. Okay, so I always intended to do it anyway. I love a challenge, plus I need to read it back again to familiarise myself with the plot for when I start editing its sequel next week.

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I don’t do ‘what ifs’ anymore. I only deal in ‘doing’. I keep hearing Yoda saying, ‘Do or do not, there is no try!’ I want this line to be introduced to the referee’s decisions on the big screens at rugby matches – how cool would it be. LOL.

Beyond the Lies

From my work on the edit of Streetwise, I now realise what edit this project needs. Sometimes taking a step back finds the best way forward. Suddenly editing is fun and has a whole new perspective! I know, I’m a geek!

The Nanny

Oh my word, I love Martha and John. Okay so granted, I created them but they are such strong characters, their strength drawn from their horrific childhood experiences.

This week I read a post on social media from a woman who has written her first novel but won’t do  anything with it because her so-called ‘friends’ ridiculed and belittled her and her dreams. Regular readers will understand why this resonated with me. All I want to say, as I said to this lady – when you’re reaping the rewards of success, they will still be bitching and moaning about someone else having the guts to follow their dreams and ambitions. I am SO right. Don’t let small minded, big mouthed people put you off. GO FOR IT, whatever IT may be. It takes a lot of courage, not arrogance, to believe in yourself in a world full of jealous, vindictive people. You can’t change how people are but you can change how you choose to deal (or not deal!) with them.

Out of everything I have faced and the all the challenges, the greatest challenge has been to bring my boys up to understand truth, justice, tolerance and equality. It’s been tough at time and the job is not finished but I am so proud of how independently minded they are. Let’s hope us parents can help to build generations of human beings that respect life regardless of nationality, gender, race or religion. HOPE being the key!!

Have a fabulous weekend – in the UK we are supposed to get our first covering of snow. I won’t hold my breath xx Take your chances and be brave.

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