Saturday, 8 October 2016

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks…

Where to start this week?

I am livid, embarrassed and thoroughly depressed at the state of politics in the UK. Beam me up Scotty!! We have elected MPs purporting to support democratic socialism undermining a democratically elected leader, we have Tory MPs degrading and insulting people and MEP's scrapping in Brussels. What a total shambles!! Thank goodness we have the cool, calm and collected Jeremy Corbyn and his team to steer us away from the depths of nationalism!

And while these people, being paid a bloody good salary are playing their silly, childish and dangerous games, we have children in poverty, students facing tens of thousands of pounds of debt, food banks, a NHS close to collapse and an education system not fit for purpose but then the latter is exactly what this Government wants because uneducated people can't see through their lies and bigotry. Let's face it, this Government has trashed all public services and the economy – the EU referendum was a tool they used to hide their incompetence. Even worse they are scapegoating immigrants to divide communities. It is disgraceful. We need urgent laws to stop politicians from being able to blatantly lie – is there an integrity bucket outside the Houses of Parliament for it to be thrown in once they cross the threshold? Thankfully, Jeremy and his team by-pass that bucket. LISTEN TO HIS TRUTHS.

One thing I love about University is the diversity of people on campus – student and staff. I feel part of the big, wide world, surrounded by amazing people with fascinating lives and backgrounds. I feel I spend my whole life apologizing for the bigotry being peddled by the politicians. The ignorance scares me and repulses me. I do not and will never support segregation and alienation. Prejudice repulses me. I wish people would understand it is Government policies across the world that prevents us all from living in peace and harmony.

Last night (Friday) we had our constituency Labour Party meeting with guest speaker, Angela Rayner, Shadow Education Secretary. I almost had a very embarrassing moment when she talked of her childhood and the lack of support. Honestly, I had to fight back the tears. It hit right at the heart of how I felt. I managed to hold it together until I got home, when I burst into tears telling Wes what had been said. It's tough getting over deeply embedded feelings - it's little reminders that bring them flooding back. 

BUT…and it's a HUGE but… last night I realised how far I have come… ON MY OWN. I know I can achieve my ultimate goals. I have had a brilliant week at University – I am organized and learning things I never imagined I would, including Portuguese. I am proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Today (Saturday) the boys are happily doing their own thing so I am going to be reading – ICT and the Environment AND Managing Information in a Digital Economy… it won't float everyone's boat but it does mine.I guess the lesson this week has to be to find something you love and go for it. Don't let people put you off. For me, it is books and reading and writing. I feel reinvigorated even though I am physically exhausted. The exhaustion is from being a Mum of a student who has well and truly found student life!! It was Leeds varsity this week…need I say more.

Sometimes it is really tough and seems impossible, to break a downward cycle. I know from bitter experience BUT it can be done.My advice, for what it is worth:
1.    Pick something you love
2.    Ignore the doubters
3.    Get rid of the doubters – yep! Totally GONE.
4.    Never, ever accept you have to 'fit in' or 'conform' - Some rules are meant to be broken like shackles off slaves!
5.    Get support – surround yourself with people who believe in you.
6.    Work hard
7.    Keep going

Sod what 'society' expects! Nothing ever changes if we all stay the same. For thirty plus years I've been an outcast, daring to use the 's' word – SOCIALISM. Ha…now…I can say…I was right!

Be the exception to the rule. For the first time in my long, bumpy road, I know I want to be a researcher/lecturer and continue to write. Me…from a council estate and a single Mum. How dare I break the mould. How dare I get ideas above my station?
I DARE and I WILL. I hope you will too. Whatever 'it' is – DO IT! FLIPPING DO IT!!

We can all change the world in our own, unique way.
Much love 

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