Monday, 31 March 2014

Charity begins at home but spreads worldwide…

Good morning everyone. I hope all you fabulous Mums had a great Mother’s Day (UK). The last day of March….where has the time gone?

I am going to start on a negative but positive note so to speak. I was going to print all the insults and lies that one malicious woman and her cronies have written about me over the last three months but then I wouldn’t be any better than they are and why should I give them my space? Be under no illusions this period and these actions have affected me greatly and knocked my confidence for six, especially when they have come from a so-called ‘friend’. Even more hurtful is the fact that other hardworking business women are believing these lies. Believe me, if I was stalking, abusing or had a ‘bordering on personality disorder’ I would reveal HER true identity online. Please take the time to read this

If ANYONE is in any doubt of my honesty and integrity and would like clarification, feel free to email me and I will gladly provide written evidence of the LIES and you can gladly have the truth and the real identity of the troll. I will of course do this PRIVATELY.
I suppose I can take strength from the fact this woman has been blocked by James Cordon and Jonathan Ross so I am in great company.

My advice: Think carefully before you enter into such despicable online behaviour. You have no idea what the victim has been through in their life, you have no idea about their state of mind and you have no idea how much your actions are totally demeaning to that person.

Justice for the 96

Today is a hugely significant day, not just for the families and victims of the Hillsborough disaster but in British Social History. Twenty five years of lies, that is more than half of my life!! Hopefully today is the beginning of the end of the suffering of all those involved in this terrible injustice. I can’t imagine what the families have been put through since the 15 April 1989.

Let’s hope justice prevails.

I can’t mention Hillsborough without thinking of my hero, Annie Williams. Anne’s son, Kevin died in the disaster but she refused to accept the verdicts of the first inquests. She refused the death certificate and fought tirelessly for the new inquests that start today before succumbing to cancer last year. Don’t ever underestimate what this magnificent lady achieved. Not only did she never give up even when her name was being blackened, she fought a fight against HUGE establishments and WON. Remember she was a MUM who fought for her son. She inspired me to be the best I could be and the best Mum I could be. May you all have justice and peace at last #JFT96.

My debut novel… Beyond the Past

It’s hard to believe it has only been nine weeks since my debut novel was published and I am overwhelmed by the support so far. Keep it coming, I need YOU. I am loving every minute of being a writer and I am not short of new ideas, another one was added to the portfolio this week. The problem I have is my brain & hands won’t work as fast as I would like them to.

I will be posting book signings and readings onto her shortly. Your support would be sooo appreciated.


On Friday I had the great pleasure of handing over a signed book to Jo Maltby, founder of WetherbyHour. Jo works tirelessly to promote local businesses in Wetherby and always has a welcome and a smile for all. Please come and say hello to me if you are at the next live event.

Wetherby is the location of the police station where DCI Fisher and DS Davies are based in Beyond the Past.

Thank you Jo for your help promoting the book locally.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This week the book sponsored a scholarship player. Please support young peoples' dreams. For full details of sponsorship starting from just £100 see my previous blog Fancy Sponsoring a Rising Star.

Check out the Sheffield Eagles website. 

Tweets of the Week

Despite its pitfalls, I do love Twitter. It enables you to connect with people you wouldn’t normally have any interactions with. Two tweets over the last couple of weeks have really uplifted me and I thought I would share them with you.

The first is from a very inspirational lady whose work I greatly admire. Kate is also a fellow Yorkshire lass even if she is a Bull not a Rhino.

The second is from a relatively new group, aptly named Quality Birds. Give them a follow on twitter and Facebook. Guaranteed to make you smile and be inspired.

Made my week, thank you Quality Birds and Kate x

This week will include more work with Paul on his brilliant fundraising campaign, writing the sequel to Beyond the Past, called Beyond the Lies and marketing Beyond the Past whilst doing school runs, sports club runs and keeping my eye on the developments in the inquests. IT’S a busy one!

One final note, and it can’t go unmentioned –


 on Mother’s Day. YIPPEEEEEE!!

Have a great week everyone xx

You can read the first three chapters of Beyond the Past FREE
Beyond the Past is available from major bookstores or online at:

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