Monday, 28 April 2014

GO FOR IT!! Ignore the doubters, surround yourself with DOERS and don’t take NO for an answer.

Last week had some real highs and some very real lows. You do find your strength better in the lows. The highs are the ‘sit back and enjoy the moment’ moments. I have been through some real issues in my life and always come out a much stronger and more determined person.

In all honesty the last few months have been the hardest to cope with. The Menieres has been unbearable at times and has been exacerbated by the stress imposed on me by selfish, ignorant people. The fact I have an illness but it hasn’t stopped me from following my dreams speaks volumes to everyone who is willing to get off their backsides and have a go for themselves and I only tell my story in the hope that it will inspire just ONE person to have a go. Ignorance prevents some people from listening to the facts and understanding a person’s situation and no one will ever be able to change that. It’s a curse the ignorant will have to live with.

The best thing to come out of all this is my relationship with the boys has been galvanised even more and I hope I have clearly demonstrated to them that you can overcome adversity from all sources to achieve your dreams. Lead by example is my motto in life, along with never underestimate the power of ‘ME’. We all have the power within us to make a difference to our own lives and to the lives of others. It’s whether we chose to do it. My basic principles of my life and my parenting skills are:

  2. Be clear on boundaries
  3. Be strong but not rude
  4. Be kind but not weak
  5. Be bold but not bully
  6. Be humble but not timid
  7. Be proud and not arrogant
  8. Be thankful not spiteful
  9. Be truthful, honest & demonstrate integrity
  10. Be YOU not who everyone else expects you to be

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - apologise when you get it wrong. Even as parents we don't always get it right. 

I take my role as a parent as the most valuable and rewarding role I will ever have in my life. I follow the same principles as I teach my boys. I don’t profess to the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ philosophy. If we don’t teach kids self-respect, community spirit, self-worth how on earth can they develop them??  I know from the last few months that I have two boys that will continue to grow into fine young gentlemen. I take great delight and pride in guiding and supporting them through their continued development.

SO, all in all, changing my career has had such a positive effect on the whole of my family. I never imagined following my own dreams would lead the boys to thinking more about where they want to be. Even my seven year old has started to discuss his aspirations which I think is priceless.  

Paul’s fundraising

Helping Paul in his fundraising campaign is an absolute honour but I have to say it is also keeping the sense of humour flowing and we all need to laugh. I look forward to his weekly blog and as I am editing it I am always laughing out loud. It does make me cry though as well sometimes. 

Paul has a new blog if you want to continue to follow his progress.

Even the smallest amount can make a difference.

Beyond the Past

You could say the little things in life please me. 

On Friday the green writing appeared on Amazon. I don’t know if any of my fellow authors get excited at such small things but this little green line means my book is selling. 

That and receiving another 5* review means I must be doing something right. This encourages me to pick up my pen and start writing even more.

This weekend I spent writing and added 10,000 words on Saturday to the sequel Beyond the Lies. On Sunday I wrote another 5,000 before the Liverpool game I hastened to add!

I now have seven ideas for future novels and that excites me so much because I know and love the characters in these ideas just as much as I love Mark, Annie, Harry and Phillipa. In fact, I love all the characters I create and that is the beauty of writing – you chose who appears in the book.

Congratulations to Luis Suarez on his PFA Player’s Player award. A controversial player that has remarkably turned himself around with the help of good people.

I can’t go before I mention Liverpool FC. Yesterday was a tough game. Mourihno plays the baddie in the pantomime so well and I have to say he makes me laugh so much. My youngest was in tears when he heard Sky Sports News say Liverpool were out of the title challenge. Another life lesson – don’t always believe what is written or spoken!! He now knows that actually yesterday the world didn’t end, Liverpool aren’t being relegated and YES we are in Champions League next year AND there is still a possibility Stevie G will pick that trophy up. POSITIVE THINKING.

My advice to anyone would be GO FOR IT!! Ignore the doubters, surround yourself with DOERS and don’t take NO for an answer. Have a great week everyone. 

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