Sunday, 7 September 2014

Book Trailer, Goodread Giveaways and Life… does it get any better?

This week has been a massive turning point in my life. I have learned that being nice, helpful and wanting to see the good in the world labels you, in some people’s eyes, as a sociopath, passive aggressive and somehow manipulative. In reality, it is very much me being manipulated to change to a selfish, negative, pessimistic human being. Exactly the opposite of what I am or desire to be. So I’m not perfect but I work hard, play fair and take people at face value. I don’t judge, ridicule or turn my nose up at things I don’t understand or don’t buy into. Does that make me a bad person? I think not. I am strong enough to know when something is not good for ME. I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable about themselves or how they live or what they wear. If that makes me a freak, so be it but I know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies and only liars are scared of the truth.  I’m really not interested in getting involved in childish, pathetic, high school behaviour. Let's face it whatever you say to some people, they won't believe it or they jump to their own conclusions. Switch them off, cut them out.

Don’t let other people’s insecurities and narrow mindedness stop you from living the life you want to live. You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone, just remember that! I’m having it made into a plaque for the dining room wall.
I pose three questions:

  1. Can you trust your own instincts?
  2. Have you ignored your instincts and its cost you dearly?
  3. Do you know when it is time to say enough is enough?

I answer ‘yes’ to all of these NOW. I have ignored my instincts to my detriment BUT in my defense, it has always been to protect the boys. It’s so ironic that when push came to shove and I explained the situation from my point of view, the boys actually turned around and said, ‘we wouldn’t have been bothered if you’d asked us to support you.’ The moral of that story is to talk about everything to the boys and that is what we have done this year. It has been a revelation. I have learned how well adjusted they are and how they are willing to listen and make a valued, level headed judgement – something I wish I would have been taught as a child. I have always taught them the most important tool you can have in life is to ‘listen’, not just listen to reply but listen to understand, there is a difference. Does anything else really matter?

This week I have decided to address one of the long standing, hardest issues in my life and it is done. I feel liberated and it was the final piece of the noose hanging around my neck from my past. I have been on such a journey over the last two years and at first I tried to tackle every single issue head on at once. That was a complete disaster but once I had broken it down, it became much easier and guess what? I have succeeded in every goal I set out to achieve so far. Now I am determined to see the rest of this year out, smashing all the other goals I have. I look back over 2014 and think ‘WOW!’ I have my first, ever book written published (honestly, how many can say they have done that?), the sequel is more exciting and my eldest has already fulfilled two of his dreams in passing his GCSEs and earning a place in a rugby league academy. That is what life is about – following your dreams and putting yourself in a position to allow you the choices to succeed.

I really don’t care what people think of me now – that really is their problem and says more about the people they are. The only problems I have are short term cashflow problems but who doesn't have them?  My kids are healthy, well-adjusted individuals - learning how to become decent human beings and following their dreams, my business is being re-launched and I have a book deal. That is the sum total of my life and I LOVE IT!!!

Beyond the Past

You can find everything on my website


My biggest flaws are wanting everything to be perfect first time and putting myself under so much pressure to get everything done at once. I have been working on these this week and have worked out a coping strategy which will help me to achieve more of my goals.

I also get really frustrated when things don’t happen immediately – I’m impatient and want success but don’t we all? The truth is success only comes from rolling your sleeves up and mucking in. Hard work = success. There is no artificial substitution. This week I sat and worked out a marketing strategy for the book and the business – separate ones of course.

Just as I paced myself for the work for the remainder of the week – this landed in my inbox. It is a short video promotion of Beyond the Past. The link is on the top right hand corner of this blog or here

Suddenly my carefully orchestrated plan went out of the window, typical! But what a position to be in. Having something as professional and superb as this trailer – courtesy of Pegasus Publishing, who I cannot thank enough. The feedback has been astonishing.

The timing was actually, ironically perfect as I have a number of events I am planning at the moment.


I have an author page now on Amazon.


I am giving away two signed books through goodreads. Pop over using the link above and enter - you never know it could be you! Good Luck everyone x

Book Launch

Don't forget to join me on the 23rd September 2014 at Sant Angelos in Wetherby. It is going to be a great night in a fabulous location. Come and sample their fantastic food and ice cream. For full details, see my facebook events page


Author Talk

On the 14th October 2014 I am giving an author talk at Wetherby Library at 6pm. More details will follow but the details are on facebook. Again this is a free event and you are more than welcome to attend.

I hope you all make the most of your time this week and do it for YOU and because of YOU!
Enjoy and be brave x You really are stronger than you think

You can purchase my debut novel, Beyond the Past from 
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