Thursday, 25 September 2014

Star studded Night in Wetherby.... hopefully many more to come

You can see from these photographs why it is such a perfect location for writers and their content. Wetherby is a beautiful market town on the outskirts of Leeds. It boasts lots of thriving shops, businesses and restaurants. At the time I wrote Beyond the Past both boys played rugby at Wetherby Bulldogs and Lucas played for Wetherby Athletic. Most of the book was drafted in the car park of Wetherby Sports Association, Costa Coffee or Sant Angelos - outside of Wetherby Harewood House, Roundhay Park and even outside both boys' schools. 

If I was stuck for inspiration though, I headed to Sant Angelos, my little piece of Italy in Wetherby. There I could have a bite to eat, a coffee and write in peace but with a relaxing ambiance that always seemed to cure my writer's block. When Catherine offered to host my book launch and signing, it was a no brainer for me. There is something captivating about this place. The food, the atmosphere, the location and the people.My boys will say it's the ice cream!

What made the night even more special was it was Wetherbyhour Live too. This is a twitter networking group for local businesses. I have been to many of these now and they are really good fun. The success of the evenings can be attributed to the hard work and drive of Joanne Maltby the founder and, well superstar really and I don't use that term lightly! Jo works tirelessly to help build business and awareness of Wetherby. Her hard work has quite rightly earned her the Townperson of the Year award. She organised the very special guests 'stars' for the evening and I am very grateful for her and Catherine's help.

The evening was a huge success for me. My children (Erin I include you in that x) came to support me along with my Mum and Dad and my editor, but most of all big Sister, Lisa. I received a very warm reception and a great deal of intrigue and excitement was shown in the book. I couldn't really ask for anymore.

I had my book trailer running all evening and signed lots of books. It was incredibly hard work but I loved every minute of it.
To top it all the evening was attended by some fine guests and if I'm honest I was a little starstruck! When I told Lucas who was coming he had this horrified look on his face. He asked, "Jeff isn't going to be like Cain is he?" Oh, the power of television!

Guests included Ryan Sidebottom (Yorkshire CC), Patrick Dunlop (StrayFM), Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle, Emmerdale), Alex Cann (StrayFM) and Stephanie Moon
(Celebrity & Consultant Chef) and not forgetting the brightest star of all Wes Charles, Sheffield Eagles (sorry but proud Mum alert!!)

I lucky I am to have such incredibly talented guests but most of all lucky to be part of such a vibrant community. Wetherby - you really do rock!

Whilst I was working hard, a number of guests disappeared to the ice cream parlour, including my supportive children! I don't blame them though but there is only thing to ask - Where's mine? Now my children are totally converted and plan to go to the restaurant this weekend, without me!! The cheek of IT!

Images courtesy of : Yours Truly Photography

A special thank you to Irene Maltby for sharing your review of the book with everyone. It was much appreciated x

Thank you to everyone who came and supported my first event. It really did mean a lot to me. I do have some signed copies left so if you want to get hold of a copy email me or tweet me @beyondthepast1. They are £10.99 or available through the links below. To think this all started from a character called Annie, rugby league and a location!!

My next event is on the 14th October 2014 at Wetherby Library for an author talk.

You can purchase my debut novel, Beyond the Past from 
Pegasus Publishers  
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