Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tough Times… but still determined

Well I have to confess this week has been incredibly challenging. It’s not that we had any major disasters but lots of little frustrating matters that made me have a few Mario Balloteli moments – “why always me!” You know one of those weeks when you question why you are even bothering because everything you touch seems to lead in you taking a further ten steps backwards!! Lucas was in pain from his burns, the printer decided that it wasn’t going to work anymore, the iron kept stopping working and I would have been happy if my ears had exploded! I desperately need some money coming in and the financial pressure is tough to bear. It makes it worse when you are on your own because you have no one to moan to, or is it at? But do you know what? That’s life. I could give up, get jobseekers and look for a ‘normal’ job but then Wes would have to give up his dream in the academy and Lucas would not be able to go to the village school he loves. I am working incredibly hard and I know that you can’t do that without the rewards soon following. No matter how tough it gets I am determined to keep going. I have come so far and I know success is just around the corner. Failure or giving up are not options and no matter how frustrating it is at the moment, once the break finally comes I will know I did it and did it from the depths of despair.
So now I have that off my chest and have some great news….


At last I hear you all cry. I know it has taken me a while but I wanted to be happy with it. And I am, well I am now. I finished it on Wednesday evening but there was something nagging at me. Something that was missing. Scrubbing the floor (yes! I hate housework!) on Saturday, the missing piece came to me. Now I have the pleasure of editing. For my first two books, I have kept the original draft with no amendments. One day they may worth something (Okay there is a tinge of Yorkshire sarcasm in that).

I wrote Beyond the Past with no plan, no pre-conceived ideas or an outcome. The only two things I was certain of was the main character would be named Annie and rugby league would  be featured. In fact, I never intended to write a mystery/thriller/crime book. It just worked out that way. It's funny what fate decides.

I decided before I got onto my next novel, I would sort the house out, sort Christmas and build my admin business up. After less than a week though I am itching to start writing again. I have ten outlines for novels which is a really strong position to be in. I just need to keep going, oh and decide which storyline to choose. This is definitely what I would like to do for the rest of my life. 


Thank you to everyone who was patient enough to keep voting for my blog. Please keep the votes coming in. It is frustrating the website kept crashing but over 2500 votes were cast on the first day – that has to be celebrated!! I can live in the hope they were all for me x PLEASE PLEASE would you vote for this blog and ask your family and friends to too.
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On Armistice Day I went to the service at local village church with Lucas and all his school.  I was immensely proud of them all. They were so impeccably behaved showing great respect for the occasion but it did make me think of all the people that didn’t stop to observe the two minutes silence. TWO MINUTES!! That's all!

At least the council were not empty bins like in John Bishop’s village! It is a sad day when we can’t just give two minutes of our time to pay our respects to selfless people.

Okay I am going to make our evening meal, the boys favourite dish – Beef stew & Dumplings. All that is missing is the snow!!

Have an amazing week in whatever you do. This week I have so much to do and pre-season starts for Wes at Sheffield Eagles Academy. Very exciting times

It's okay to be different -

Be awesome

The first three chapters of Beyond the Past are posted on my website to give you a taster 



Lots of love 

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