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Have you ever experienced an empty feeling when your children have gone on a school residential or when they go back to school after the holidays? Well, that is the feeling I get when I finish a writing project. I know, it sounds ridiculous but it is true. Beyond the Lies has flown the nest – independent and accomplished. It's done. Finished. Completed. I emailed it to Pegasus, my publishers and now await their edit. It's very exciting but for the next few weeks, it's finished and out of my hands. I feel a great sense of satisfaction and makes me very happy and relaxed. It is truly amazing what you can achieve when you eliminate drama and negativity.

Beyond the Lies - The full extent of the conspiracy to frame former rugby player, Mark Smith for rape over twenty years ago, starts to emerge in this romantic thriller. Even DCI Harry Fisher has no inclination his investigation will lead to the most elusive, yet prolific criminal mind of a generation.

It's the first week of the Easter holidays for us. I love having the boys at home. Yesterday, we ventured out and watched Batman vs Superman. The verdict: Lucas as terrified and it was certainly not what I expected at all. Mind you, I'm an old fashioned super hero type of girl. When you're brought up on 'shark repellent spray' Batman and Robin, you kind of want Batman to be, well… less sinister. The worst shock of all – Michael Caine is not Alfred!! Really, come on…he was the BEST Alfred EVER. Please!

Next week, Lucas and I are going to see Eddie the Eagle - I think Lucas will love it.


You may have guessed I'm a bit of a political freak – oh and very proud of it I might add. I love politics, history, debates and current affairs. I'm one of those that sit and argue with the television…well, not actually with the television but the contents being beamed into my living room. Let's all be honest…who really believes the UK Tory Government ministers pay their fair share of tax AND declare all their earnings? Come on…we weren't all born yesterday. It truly disgusts me when people take the moral high ground yet do the exact opposite behind everyone's back. If you're in public office, you have to accept you have to walk the moral tightrope as well as preach it. It is time for tax evaders, expenses fiddlers and everyone else breaking the law, regardless of the money you hide, are prosecuted. Thank you Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell for standing up in public office to serve the country not yourselves.


Today the jury retired in the Hillsborough inquests. I cannot ever imagine what these families have been put through. My heart fills with pride when I think of their fight, and how, in spite of everything being stacked against them, they never gave up. I am in awe of their dignity, integrity and determination to fight against the establishment. Bless you all. Justice is now just around the corner. I just wish Anne Williams was still here to see the outcome of her tireless, selfless work. My working class hero.



To think in 2011 when I wrote my first novel, Beyond the Past, I had not had any previous experience at fictional writing. I wasn't even sure whether I could do it. As an Insurance Broker, I had done lots of technical writing and academic writing during my degree but no creative writing. I could have given up a few times but I've persevered with it. I don't just want to write, I actually want to improve and learn the craft. For that reason, Beyond the Lies has taken longer. I am glad of the criticism that has been thrown at me because it drove me to go away and learn, the beauty of having a University education and researching skills. I've completed a screenwriting course and carried out lots of research and reading. The more I learn, the better I write, the more my confidence grows and the less I listen to uneducated critics. I am thrilled with the new version of Beyond the Lies and confident it is my best work so far.

Beyond the Past

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Following my screenwriting course, I have devised a beat sheet and adopted some of the techniques I learned during the course. Now I have a revised plan and script that I am totally confident in.

What non-writers don't understand is. The first draft, second draft and even the third draft are not necessarily the final cut. I'm happy to make mistakes and happy to admit I'm not an expert or guru but a work in progress. I'm learning my new craft and enjoying every minute of it.

My advice to you is follow your dreams – work for them; fight for them and enjoy every minute of them. I know I am.

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