Monday, 18 April 2016

My poor old heart

Well, what can I say about last week? L.I.V.E.R.P.O.O.L, Liverpool FC!!!! What a game against Borussia Dortmund. I have goosebumps again writing about it. I usually support Dortmund unless they are playing Liverpool of course. Lucas' favourite, non-Liverpool player is Hummels – he even named one of his teddies after him. Honestly, my poor old heart could not bear it. Oh, my poor neighbours… Lucas reckoned I could be heard in Liverpool… we are in Leeds, 204km (or if you're old, like me, 74.3 miles). It was an incredible night, definitely on a par with Istanbul. The team had assistance from the angels above. Onwards and upwards – with hope in our hearts.


Friday was a solemn day, the 15th April always is. It makes me so angry! I cannot imagine how the families and those affected by Hillsborough feel but justice is coming. Incredibly proud of all those who have fought tirelessly for the truth and justice – especially Anne Williams. #JFT96

Meniere's Madness

One thing Meniere's tries to strip you of is, self-confidence. It's a pain in the… It probably sounds ridiculous and over dramatic, but my worst fear is going out and having a drop attack and not being able to get home to the boys. The thought of it absolutely terrifies me, so much so I talk myself out of going places. It is so frustrating and makes me loathe myself for letting it get to me. Prior to Meniere's I used to love going out for days on my own – visiting museums and places of interest. I even travelled down to the French Grand Prix, accompanied only by Wes when he was six.  On Saturday, I got up for the F1 qualifying and couldn't decide whether I should stay in or go to the NHS march in Leeds. I want to be a part of the change and show the boys that you can change the world. By 9am, I had talked myself out of going – fear of being in the City Centre on my own, even though thousands were present! By 10.30am, bonkers Boris was spouting on the news about Brexit and I decided I was going to defy the demons and go to the demonstration. 

I am so glad I forced myself to go. Wes is eighteen and more than capable of looking after Lucas, although Lucas will tell you he is capable of looking after himself. 

For the last thirty years, I've been driving people mad shouting about cover-ups, media bias, economic policy failures and corruption. For most of that time, I have felt alone, shouting down a bottomless void! Now, I won't say I told you so…or maybe I will. The Labour Party has returned to my kind of party and my principles. As soon as I qualified to, I joined the writers' union – Writers' Guild of Great Britain. They offer so many great services and have negotiated excellent contracts and fees. Trade Unions have been, for too long, undermined but their work should not be underestimated. The media and establishment like to paint a negative, trouble making image of them; let's face it we only hear about them when there is a strike. Thatcher did a wonderful job in damning the trade unions. However, they carry out tremendous work, behind the warped headlines. I am so happy the Labour party has returned to closer ties with trade unions. We can work together for the greater good. Roll on 2020.

Anyway, I am glad I went to the demonstration. I met some lovely people, put the world to right and had a full blown debate with a gentleman about the woes of Leeds United.
I came home as proud as punch, knowing I'd beaten the inner demons this time. I WON!! It was disappointing the media chose to ignore the demonstrations. We will still be heard.

Today, the school holidays are over. I've missed having the boys around but I've been incredibly busy cleaning their bear pits and writing. I think Lucas missed me too. This is what he did as soon as he came home…bless him.





When I'm writing a new story, after drawing up a plan, I just write and write. Some of it won’t make it beyond the first edit but I find it much easier to just write what flows out, then get rid of it afterwards. I'm sure it is not the most efficient way but it is effective.

Streetwise started out about Kate and her life since saving Rob's life. It soon became so much more with addition of Georgina, a homeless teenager who considers being on the streets safer than the life she has left behind. After Georgina, came Colleen, Kate's work colleague and volunteer at the homeless charity. Colleen is hiding behind a new identity forced upon her, to hide from the horrors of her past life. The changes to the focus of the story-line came about after I completed a Screenwriting course and after using beat sheets. I am more confident with the story now…editing continues.

Beyond the Past

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Right, I'm off to feed the boys. Don't let your inner demons stop you from pursuing your dreams. The greatest reward is the celebration of freedom. Have a fabulous week and stay safe.

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