Wednesday, 13 April 2016

well...well...well...we knew anyway

We are still in the midst of the Easter school holidays and have really enjoyed the break. It will be a shock for all of us, when we have to return to our school routine.

Whilst being off resting (HAHA!), I have been re-decorating the house. Well, I've managed
My kitchen wall art
to finish the kitchen and am about to start on the dining room. It's the first time I've attempted ceiling painting post Meniere's and I have to say, it was a complete and utter nightmare…but…I DID IT. I even managed it without falling although I think I wore more of the paint than was actually applied to the ceiling. Nevertheless, I did it!

Last weekend, I actually had the chance to get out and drop some leaflets for one of our local Labour candidates. It's been over 30 years since I was last out there. THIRTY YEARS!!! I feel SO old. I was nervous going out; I didn't know anyone and I do worry about drop attacks. I almost bottled it until 'bonkers' Boris Johnson came on the television and reminded me of all that is wrong with this country. I'm glad I went and it was a lovely, sunny morning. I learned two things – firstly, I will never make a postman, fighting with the letter boxes; secondly, I think it should be made law that all UK households have a post box attached to the side of their houses – they are much safer…and easier!

This weekend, Meniere's permitting, I am hoping to join the demonstration in Leeds to save our NHS. I hope to see some of you there.

Put your hands up if you were not surprised in the least of David Cameron's tax haven dealings. I will say it – I TOLD YOU SO! Dennis Skinner has always been a hero of mine, since I heard in speak during the Miner's strike but he elevated himself to true legend this week with his 'Dodgy Dave' comments – he only said what we were all thinking! We love you Dennis.

I don’t understand why some voters want to justify Cameron's actions, particularly in light of the thousands that have died due to austerity and benefit sanctions. Sending wealth overseas is morally unjustifiable, unpatriotic and in Cameron's case, wholly and totally hypocritical. By avoiding paying a lawful tax, you ARE breaking the law. It also explains why capitalism is not working and why we are in the state we are in. As I understand it, and no doubt I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, the theory of capitalism is entrepreneurs set up business, make money which is trickled down into the economy through wages and new re-investment. However, we are now seeing capitalism as its worst – low wages, high profits and those profits leaving the country and hidden away by greedy, selfish individuals. It explains why there is no long term economic plan. No wonder Cameron and all his cronies fear John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn – the truth is about to be revealed and there is no place to hide. It's time for change and I can feel the political richter scale quaking by seismic proportions. You have my support for change and social justice! I can categorically say I find the who tax evasion/ avoidance scam repulsive. Someone is bankrolling terrorism too – if these secret havens exist, what chance do we have of any peace? I would much prefer everyone to have the use of a fully functional NHS, the sick and disabled be looked after and our children have an education system which gives them world leading opportunities.

The soap box has gone away now…please don’t cheer too loudly.

Beyond the Lies

The book is currently with the publisher's review team. This can take two to three weeks. You'll be the first to know…after me of course.





Beyond the Past

Have you had the chance to read it yet? 

Would you like to review it for me? 

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And so the edit continues…well, actually it is more of a re-write after my screenwriting course. The focus has changed…happy days. I am looking forward to sharing this with you.

The Nanny

You may recall this started as a screenplay but has now changed to a book. There was too much detail for it to be a screenplay. The characters are really strong and I want to be able to share their strength. I am living with these characters until the book is complete.

PhD – my next dream

Next week, in between finished the decorating and writing, I'll be looking for PhD funding – I have everything in place but the money! It always comes down to money. Unfortunately, I don't have an offshore account to dip into but I'm not giving up on my next goal.


Liverpool play Borussia Dortmund tomorrow at Anfield. This house is very excited and we would like to wish the club all the luck in the world. If we score and win, I'm sure you will hear us in Liverpool from Leeds. I'll apologise to our neighbours in advance. Did you know, Leeds is twinned with Dortmund but our love and loyalty will always be with Liverpool FC!

Friday, is the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. I genuinely and truly wish the families and all those affected had gotten the justice they so deserve by now. You are all in our thoughts and we stand with you and support your outstanding efforts. We send our heartfelt love to you all. Justice is coming. #JFT96

"You'll Never Walk Alone".

Lots of love


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