Saturday, 10 September 2016

Hope and Unity – Our Greatest Strengths

Sometimes it's important to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. I can assure you it's not for the money in my case – well, maybe a long term incentive. If it was for a short term gain, I would have given up years ago! We do desperately need some money coming in but, since Meniere's, it has been almost impossible to find a sympathetic employer. That's a great shame because I have so much experience and knowledge. I'm also ambitious, creative and continually wanting to improve.

Now, on top of writing, I know which career direction I am taking. I'm not prepared to be written off by Meniere's. I have a plan and no-one or nothing is going to stop me from pursuing it and achieving my goals. Life is for living and I am damn sure I am going to wring every last drop out of mine.

It's time to cut out all the doubts, the 'I can’t do this' and 'I'm not god enough' and hold my head up high and shout, "I'M ACTUALLY DOING THIS. I'M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR, A GREAT MUM, A MASTER'S STUDENT AND A THOROUGHLY DECENT HUMAN BEING.' How many can actually declare that? I'm perfectly imperfect in every way but I'm a trier and everyone loves a trier…right?

This is my last week before I start my Master's degree. Leeds Beckett University holds a special place in my heart – it is a place that gives me self-confidence and self-belief. I love the vibrant atmosphere and mulling around the library. I've also signed up for lessons in either Portuguese or Italian, one evening a week.

I am continuing my writing at the same time as studying. It is important for my future career progression in the industry of my choice. More importantly, I love what I do. I draw strength from all your positive reviews and a huge sense of achievement at the end of one project and the start of another.


This week's writing has taken me to Lulea in Sweden and Marbella in Spain without even leaving my desk! Two very contrasting settings, chosen for, just that. In the future, I hope I can travel to these places, when my finances allow me, and write whilst there but in the meantime I have my other sources. One of the best parts of writing is the transportation away from the stresses of my own life into imaginary worlds. When I'm writing about Marbella, I can feel the sun on my face and the surrounding tranquility of a sea resort. Lulea offers the crisp snow and a winter chill drawing you into a log cabin with a raging fire. I have a great sense of calm when writing and enter into my own little world. It's very therapeutic.

I also love the flexibility of writing. I write anywhere - bed, kitchen whilst cooking, outside school waiting for Lucas, outside the gym whilst Wes trains (I'm the taxi!), even in the supermarket pushing the trolley when a rush of ideas flow out of my brain! I write everywhere and anywhere. One contract would secure our future – just one. Giving up is NOT in my DNA.


Labour Leadership

It is two weeks until the result will be known. We desperately need Jeremy Corbyn to be re-elected and Labour MPs to accept the decision. I suspect the latter will not happen otherwise we would not be going through this pointless charade. I will be doing all I can to support Jeremy Corbyn as I genuinely believe the ideas he has and John McDonnell's economic policy, will bring greater opportunities for everyone in this country. For me, though, their biggest appeal is their impenetrable stance against corruption. Having lived through Hillsborough, Orgreave, child abuse allegations and the banking crisis, the corruption through the whole system is glaringly obvious, as is the institutional prejudice and elitism and that, sadly, includes within the Labour Party.

Our country is more divided now than ever before, caused by those who want to seek to divide us and make us weak enough not to resist or hallenge their gravy train. It's ironic, though, these very people know our real strength if we all stick together. Strength through unity is the establishments greatest fear. They will use anything to stop us joining together including despicable racism and segregation. Thatcher started the breaking up of our communities, our trade unions and advocating and effectively creating New Labour. In my humble opinion, Thatcher did a bloody good job instilling a sense of inferiority into the Labour Party. Too many Labour MPs, including Owen Smith, believe we have to become like the Tories to beat them. I believe we lost General Elections and credibility by doing just that. 

I totally disagree. I think people want definitive principles. Labour offered no real alternative until now. At last we have a Labour movement again, all working together for the greater good…or we will once the Parliamentary Labour Party realise Jeremy brings hope, unity and strength to the Labour Party. His leadership has also highlight the extraordinary young talent we have in Parliament - Richard Burgon, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Angela Rayner, Kate Osamor and Clive Lewis - to name a few. They recognise the urgent need for change and have worked very well under enormous pressure caused by other MPs withdrawing their service to the shadow cabinet.

Ask yourself – where do our taxes go? We pay tax for public services, the NHS, education, social care… yet, all the taxes we pay are NOT used for these, otherwise they would not be in crisis. Instead, money is diverted to fund bank bailouts, wars, airstrikes and MPs' extortionate expenses. We allow them to manipulate us – make us believe we have to live within our means while forcing our children to accept tens of thousands of pounds of debt so they have a degree from the education system our taxes are supposed to pay for!!  I don’t understand why people fall for it. State pension is not a welfare payment – you have PAID for it all your working life!

Jeremy has woken people up and will continue to do so. Please WAKE UP! We can do this – we can join together and under Jeremy's leadership, we can eradicate the lies, the fat cats and turn around the fortunes of millions instead of the elite few. We do have HOPE – at last! I'll jump off my soap box now.

Well, I'm off to spend some quality time with the boys and sneak in some writing when they retreat to their Xboxes. Have a fabulous weekend. MAKE IT COUNT.

Much love 

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