Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Doris did it!

5.30AM… awake with pain in my ears, down my neck and in my jaw. Great! I should have expected it but still live in hope I am miraculously cured! Sadly not…wishful thinking. 

Stormy weather is a complete nightmare - storm Doris did it. I've managed to last three to four months with very few symptoms and those that I have had, I managed well with. The Meniere's machine has infiltrated me again! The sickness, the pain in my ears but the worst feeling in the world is the brain fog! The overwhelming feeling of not knowing what you are doing or even trying to remember what you are doing! 

Today I wanted to work on my Masters papers and dissertation. It's useless! I can't think, I may just sleep… reading, writing, watching films are pointless – the words jump around the page, the ideas bouncing around my head and my concentration is non-existent! It's a rollercoaster of pain, anxiety, frustration… and sickness! Then when the episode passes, I have to rebuild my confidence and continue with everyday life...

Trying to type with my eyes shut… it's a gift!

It will pass… Doris needs to do one…quickly… I'm way too busy and motivated to be ill!!

To my fellow Meniere's sufferers… hang on in there.

Have a fun day and stay safe

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