Thursday, 16 February 2017


First, they attack you – put you down and ridicule you… then they follow in your footsteps. That’s why I love doing what I do and why I do this blog. Even the people that read to criticise or those total cynics can’t help but be empowered to make positive changes. Good on them! It does not matter what it is… as long as you do it with passion and it gets you motivated.
Last week, we encountered our wonderful NHS. Wes split his finger in the gym due to some lazy, inconsiderate numpty being irresponsible with the weights. We (all three of us) spent six hours at St James then had to transfer to the LGI for five hours to see a plastic surgeon, who was totally and utterly amazing. Out of adversity, comes positivity. The night made me realise just how close the boys are, despite the eight years’ age difference and how wonderful ALL the staff are at our over stretched hospitals. I am in awe of their dedication, resilience and professionalism. Thankfully, the stitches are out now and he is well on the way to recovery.
There are not enough hours in the day. I am writing part time while I finish my Masters. Semester Two has just started (well, three weeks in). I now have Masters and PhD research proposals to do and three Masters papers. I am a busy bee! I always feel overwhelmed at the start of each semester… like ten feet of snow has dropped on my head. I will shovel my way out of it and work hard. I’m aiming for a distinction across the board… so far… so good.
The writing is coming along too…

Beyond the Past

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The Nanny

I am getting my life back on track. My Meniere’s symptoms are less than they have ever been and that can be attributed to me taking control and eliminating everything and everyone from my life that caused anxiety and stress. I feel so empowered and am really loving life. Our house has a calm feel to it. Lucas told me this week how happy he is at home… that’ll do for me.

2017 is looking very promising indeed…

Right, I’m off to continue writing… keep the faith and follow your dreams… they are yours… no one else’s.

Much love

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