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Happy childhood = Happy adulthood = Happy parenthood... Hopefully

Tuesday was a tough day for me, which started with the terrible news that the man that created so many happy memories for me, had tragically taken his own life. This is the most poignant and life changing statement I have ever read and it certainly made me look at the people that I had surrounded myself with. (Picture courtesy of Mind Unleashed).

His untimely death did result in me having a little wobble on Tuesday especially after to receiving some very unnecessary criticism on social media (AGAIN!). Life is cruel and hard but it is how you react to it that counts. It is hard being a single Mum (not by choice as the majority are not), running the house, responsible for two growing minds and working, making decisions. The worst thing is not having a sounding board or a safety net. Flying solo is daunting and some days overwhelming. However, after reading two inspiring blogs on Wednesday evening after a day of rigorous cleaning, I dusted myself down and feel much, much better. Read them for yourself. Women’s Business Academy  and Paul Kilbride’s . Thank you to you both for reminding me why I am doing what I am doing xx We go again!! 

I am sure I join millions of people in saying, the world is a much sadder place without this beautiful human being and my heart goes out to his family, especially his children. We all ask why and some of the crass comments I have read make my blood boil. Everyone has problems, EVERYONE. All I can say is BE KIND, THOUGHTFUL & RESPECTFUL and never be afraid to ask or to offer help. If you fancy a chat just message me. I am here most of the time x

I want my children to know that they are fully supported, that asking for help is not a weakness and any problem can be solved or managed. The basis of my parenting is around allowing them to have a happy childhood and know that they are loved. Too often children are forced into doing things they don’t want to do because their parents want to do it. Too often children are not listened to and told ‘you’re a child, you do as I say.’ SO I am a slave to my children’s hobbies, careers and lives BUT that is how it should be. That doesn’t mean we don’t try new things I suggest. Far from it. The boys have been all over and been to lots of different events from music concerts, classical and pop to the British Grand Prix. My philosophy in life is 


happy childhood = happy adulthood = happy parenthood. 

It really is that simple and so far so good!

When they have flown the nest and turned into confident, caring adults with self-respect and dignity, I will do the things I want to do that they don’t want to do now. In the meantime, my bucket list just gets longer and makes my future life look very exciting!
There is nothing more inspiring than your child asking you to help him write his first book at the age of seven. Lucas has come up with this amazing story line which includes Yorkshire, a snowy owl and some major sporting events. I am in awe!! I’ve helped him write his story board and we’ve written the first part. And his inspiration was? Sadly, it wasn’t me! It was a small white feather he found in the school playground shortly before he broke up for the school holidays. By the time we had reached home (a six minute journey) we had, between us, come up with the story.  I am loving working with him even if he is bossy – he certainly knows what he wants – more to the point he knows what he doesn’t want! Once written, the story will be illustrated and then the quest for publishing begins, oh the joys!! I think it is so important to help such a young, enthusiastic mind to follow his dreams.
On Thursday we get Wesley’s GCSE results. I remember being petrified in the week running up to my results and I look back now and think how stupid I was. They are only bits of paper that lead onto the next step in your life and any step can be taken over and over again until you get them right. That is what I have told my children. It’s such nonsense to put children under pressure about exams. It does not do any good at all. So, on Thursday whatever the outcome we will be celebrating the next stage in my beautiful teenager’s life.

We went to the Sheffield Eagles Under 20s game last night and I really do cherish the time the two of us spend together. It is very special and very funny. There are no boundaries to our topics of conversation - and I mean NO boundaries!!
Bank holiday weekend is Lucas’s eight birthday weekend. It just so happens that he was born on Challenge Cup weekend but he didn’t want to go to Wembley this year, even though Leeds Rhinos are there! Instead he wanted to take his Grandma and Grandpa to Southport to his favourite place so we could have a full weekend together playing games and being on the beach. We will of course be watching the match on Saturday and we will be decorating our apartment blue and amber but it’s his weekend so he gets to choose where we go. After the match we will be on the beach playing football, rugby and cricket and I can’t wait just to get away for a few days with them. Then there is the birthday bash on the Monday – Lucas is having two birthdays this year – one for family and one for school friends in September but he assures me he is not Lord Muck!
So the Premier League starts this weekend and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! Good luck to Liverpool Football Club. In Brendan Rodgers we trust. It is going to be an interesting season and how many times will the commentators use the ‘S’ word? I am really looking forward to seeing how this season develops.


I’d like to introduce you to my small business that I set up last year but it's taken a bit of a back seat until now. I am combining my writing with work for Bright Blue Eyes . I offer business support services to individuals, charities, businesses and even the public sector. It is a small seed that is growing. SO if you need help, just give me a call.

My business will eventually support us between books because, contrary to popular belief most writers, and I am no exception, get paid very little if anything at all when they start out but we all have to start somewhere, right? 

Busy, busy, busy but why waste time?

The momentum for the book is still strong and you will start to see it more on literary websites. If you check out Goodreads, An AuthorsWay, Books Go Social and BookBoost we are there. My lovely book there amongst some of my favourite authors. 
My book launch is taking place on Tuesday the 23rd September in Wetherby, near Leeds.

It seems fitting that it is held at Sant Angelo’s (Website) in Wetherby, my little piece of Italy and where some of the chapters were scribbled down. DCI Fisher and DS Davies are also based in Wetherby. You can join us. For the Facebook event link click here.   It will be great to see you there and stop me from talking to myself.

You can purchase my debut novel, Beyond the Past from 
Pegasus Publishers  
Amazon UK  
Amazon US



I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend – the last one before Christmas. I won’t be blogging next weekend (I’m sure some will be pleased haha!). 

When we return we have a week to get the return to school organised. Once September comes, we have my book launch, Sheffield Eagles Academy, the business and book to promote and lots more to look forward to. Wow 2014 is very exciting indeed but I also know, with the foundation of hard work we have done this year, 2015 will be even better.

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