Sunday, 31 August 2014

What a week!

It’s been very much a week of reflection and coming to terms with issues I’d swept under the carpet for far too long. Now onwards and upwards.  I have spent some time this week readjusting my goals and aspirations, all achievable of course. It’s true was doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or insane – can’t quite decide which, but I suppose there is nothing wrong with being an eccentric writer, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway. I really embrace being different and pushing the boundaries of the ‘norm’ even if it is not intentional at times.

Oh Boy! The most stressful part of this week was not the hectic birthday party but organising uniform and new footwear which in this house includes school shoes, trainers AND football boots. I hate shopping – HATE IT!!

How on earth can shoes bought less than two weeks ago suddenly be too big for Lucas? 

I mean battleship BIG! A Friday night trip to the shops for replacements was not what I had planned but it did make me laugh because only my kids’ feet can shrink in two weeks!

Lucas has decided to concentrate on football and not play rugby league. Seeing his brother treated so badly by his amateur side has really put him off the game but I am sure once he spends time with the Sheffield Eagles family he will learn to appreciate that not everyone in rugby league behave so badly. So for now he is playing football, which started again this weekend and it was great. In fact, Saturday morning, I was standing on the touchline writing most of this blog in between beaming with pride at how well Lucas behaved and listened. Multi-tasking is my forte, as it probably is for many Mums. The sun made an appearance which is always a good sign, not that I expect every weekend to have sunshine – we do live in the north of England!

Part of my week reflection included whether I should take on part time work. Looking for part time work to pay the bills on top of the new business, writing books and bringing two boys, reminded me of why I am working on building up a new business, writing books and bringing two boys up. There is a massive lack of part time work for Mums to fit around school. In fact, ZERO! All of my projects are long term and not short term cash flow fixes but I refuse to give up on my goals. My choice is to persevere with being temporarily broke and be here to help develop the boys into decent human beings and to ensure Wes gets a fair crack at fulfilling his ambition of being a professional rugby league player. 

Being an effective Mum is so under supported and under-valued. So I will continue to fight the financial wolves at my door, be temporarily broke and be here to help the boys and work on my goals and hopefully in the future, I will provide employment for Mums who need a genuine part time, flexible job in order for them to be there for their children too. And the first thing I'm going to do in the morning is shout 'WHITE RABBITS' it may work and bring me some good luck.


The books have arrived for the book launch and signing and it is getting super exciting. I am waiting for the posters and invites which should be here in the next couple of days. I am really looking forward to spending the evening with the lovely people of Wetherbyhour and at my favourite place, Sant Angelos. If you have not been yet, why not? You really are missing a treat and the tribute nights are AMAZING! Trust me, go along you won’t be disappointed.

I have decided this week to finally plan a social media campaign and combined scheduled tweets with live tweets. I did start out with this plan but it fell by the wayside when I went into headless chicken mode. Now I am focused and am going to practice what I preach – take one job at a time and complete it well. That is until some urgent job lands on my doorstep and I have to ‘reschedule’ or should I say, ‘jumble’ everything up.


My next target, oh yes I still have other ideas!! My next target is to master the art of screenwriting and what better way to practice than to change Beyond the Past into a script. It is half way there with the amount of dialogue but I have always wanted to write scripts ever since seeing Shoestring – do you remember Shoestring? With Trevor Eve? Lol now you know how old I am, a bit like last week when I posted a status about being like Kato out of the Pink Panther films and jumping out and surprising Wes – no one remembers Pink Panther?? Or maybe they are just not admitting to it.

A massive congratulations to the Sheffield Eagles Under 20s who reached the Academy Grand Final on Friday night and a massive shoutout to the Hallam Eagles who have had a remarkable unbeaten run ALL season – that is some achievement and demonstrates the future of the club and the commitment by all. So proud Wes is part of the club.

I really can't believe he starts A Levels on Tuesday and he is in the academy - where did the last sixteen years go? Still, so so so so flipping proud!

And WOW! WOW! WOW! We have Mario fever in our house. Liverpool’s win today was a much needed lift into the start of the school term routine. I have a great feeling about this season and can’t wait to see them play again. The football is how I remember it in the 1970s.However, I have one complaint – Capital One cup organisers are very, very inconsiderate on making Liverpool play the tie against Middlesboro on Tuesday the 23rd September when my book launch is. You could have at least consulted me first haha.

I found this on the internet this week - SO TRUE 

Well that’s me for this week. I have to go and organise uniform, packed lunch and school bags but first the dreaded shower call that will be met with cries of ‘not yet’, another ‘five minutes’. What Lucas doesn’t realise is I start the call ten minutes before I intend to shower him anyway, that way he thinks I’m giving him extra time – LOL works every time. Wish me luck! 

I hope you all have a lovely, trouble free week. Spare a thought for all those who live in uncertain and dangerous times.

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