Sunday, 10 August 2014

Introducing my ficticious family .... Beyond the Past

Friends old and new, it is time to introduce you all to some of the people I have been living with for the last four years - not actually physically living with them in my humble abode but in my head and then down on paper. Yes, introducing the main characters of Beyond the Past.


Annie Swift


Elegant, funny and very strong. Mum of two rising stars in rugby league.


Mark Smith


Ex professional rugby league player, now a pundit on television and radio.Very likeable, amiable character but has been very naive particularly with the company he has kept.


Matt Swift


Annie's eldest son, plays rugby league professionally for Leeds. Very studious and protective of his mother.


Ed Swift-Brown 


Just breaking into professional rugby league, Ed is on loan to London then signs for Leeds to realise his ultimate ambition of playing alongside his big brother. He is a cheeky chappy, bringing lots of laughter to the story.


Garry Pearce 


Mark's best friend. Played rugby league together from amateur under 8s to professionally for Wigan and Great Britain.


DCI Harry Fisher 


Senior Investigating Officer in the case. Harry is single but his heart has always belonged to one woman.


DS Phillipa Davies 


Mother of two children, Phillipa is very bright. Harry specifically asks for her to be assigned to the case.


Louisa Smith 


Mark's ex wife and mother to their only child Sophie.

Andrea Collins 


Annie's Mum and confidante.


Charles Collins 


Annie's father and Matt and Ed's hero.

When I wrote Beyond the Past, I always imagined Mark would be the hero of the book. However some of my readers believe DCI Fisher is the true hero. What do you think? You can read the first three chapters FREE on my website.


Besides creating lives for these characters, it's been another busy week in the House of Charles. On Wednesday evening Wes and I made the trip over to Featherstone to watch the Sheffield Eagles under 20s take on 'Fev' (local name!). As a rugby fan it was brutal, hard, fascinating and incredibly physical rugby league. As a Mum, whose baby is about to join the squad, it was terrifying - one of those hand over the eyes,but looking through the gaps between your fingers, moment! You know what I mean! Wes, on the other hand, was loving it and can't wait for the challenge and was itching to join in.

2014 has been an exciting year so far for all of us and we are loving the opportunities that we have created through our hard work and commitment. We are no different from any other family - we argue, we laugh, we cry but we support each other and work hard for each other. EVERYONE can have what we are building if you are prepared to graft.

Saturday afternoon I was sitting at the dining room table typing the Chapter 15 of Beyond the Lies when the house started to shake. The rumbling got louder and I thought it was the police helicopter (a regular visitor in our parts unfortunately) but when I went outside to investigate it was the glorious Vulcan, treating us to a magnificent flypast before it returned to Elvington Air Museum. It was a glorious sight and an even better sound (I love the raw sound of engines, usually cars but jets will do too!). I remember seeing a Vulcan for the very first time at RAF Church Fenton as a child and its glory hasn't diminished.


Congratulations to the Leeds Rhinos for making it to yet another Challenge Cup Final. We'll be watching from our seaside weekend break to celebrate Lucas's eighth birthday. Trust me to have a son born on challenge cup weekend and he chooses where we go! Sorry, RFL but you could be really considerate and move the cup final just for me, haha. Today is the second semi final and I am truly torn over who I want to be at Wembley. My Yorkshire heart says Castleford so it is an all Yorkshire final but my rugby league heart says Widnes because they were the first team I saw live and they are the sole reason I fell in love with the sport - Kurt Sorensen and Joe Grima in particular - I was fifteen!!

Whoever gets to Wembley, it is a fabulous day out and I do hope Leeds can win it this year to break the London curse! I have some very fond memories of Wembley and Wembley way especially the Morris Dancers whacking each other with blow up hammers (so easily amused!!). Maybe one day my baby will step out on that pitch, we all have dreams.

Have a great week everyone.

Stay Safe. Enjoy your week. Be brave!

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