Monday, 30 March 2015

It just shows to go you!

Role Models

So because you earn £100,000s a week, it makes you a role model? So because you are a sports, movie or TV personality you MUST be a good role model, right?

At times, it's a very warped world we live in. We see examples of it every day and its one epidemic that needs reversing. Our own Prime Minister chooses to defend a man suspended (now sacked) from his job for physically assaulting a colleague on the same day a retired police officer admits he has lied for over a quarter of a decade. Where is the sense of perspective now? Surely a senior officer should be regarded as a role model? Clearly not.

In fact, in my own little world these are just examples of human beings, being well … human or inhumane in some cases. Role models should begin at home - US PARENTS. It is our responsibility to create the sense of perspective and lead by example. I have no expectations of any sports, movie or television personality being perfect or being perfect role models. They are only human! Plain and simple. HUMAN. They make mistakes, some apologise, too few in my opinion. Others make money from their notoriety but essentially they are like us – well, maybe not because I would never dream of punching, stamping, biting or intentionally lying. However, the media rarely pick report on the fabulous stories of kindness and thoughtfulness like yesterday's All Stars Match at Anfield. They are only humans and we all do bad and good, mainly good things. When things do go wrong, they are lessons to teach the children how not to behave.

I choose to teach my boys about humanity:
  • Know no one is perfect
  • Know everyone makes mistakes
  • It is okay to make mistakes
  • Own your mistakes
  • Live by your OWN standards and don't compromise them 
  • Apologise or accept any apology
  • Forgive but don’t forget what it taught you.

Rugby League

I always start out on a game day thinking I have tons of time to kill between the drop offs, travel and the game. Loads of time to write, edit and research. It never works out that way so part of this blog is written in Nottingham and the rest in Leeds!

I love being a part of this great sport in spite of the few that try to ruin it. We do have a fabulous rugby league family. Every game day reminds of this from Wes going through his game day ritual to the drop off at the club or the pickup point for the away games. At home games, I write before the kick off. For away games, I usually travel alone which means I can play my ‘old’ music and sing along as loud as I want without moans from the boys and calls of ‘wartime music’ being played. They are very cheeky! This week it was a 1980s reunion CD so plenty of Queen, Kim Wilde, Human League, Madness, etc.

Going to Nottingham was a trip down happy memory lane.

Memories of Nottingham

So many happy times in so many cities – the British Rally Championship at Clumber Park in the snow; showing, or trying to show the boys how to fire bow and arrows in Sherwood Forest; the D H Lawrence Museum; Lucas’ first trip to the WWE at the Notts Arena;

I love Nottingham and even more so now the boys had a great win.

Setting Goals

There were three goals when I was diagnosed with Menieres and lost my job. These were:

1.       1st Class Honours degree – CHECK
2.       Becoming a writer and having a book published – CHECK
3.       Gain a PhD – ongoing

This week I am in discussions to achieve my third goal and I have a supervisor in place and ready to work with me. Subject to funding, I should be pursuing my third goal very shortly. I can’t tell you how excited I am. Not bad for a working class single mother with Menieres!! 

I am working on my next three goals – well actually I know what they are but will wait until I have my PhD to publish them.

Beyond the Past

Beyond the Past is selling well. You can read the 1st three chapters FREE here. Links to buy the book are:

Pegasus Publishers
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Or you can order from your local bookshop. The ISBN number is : 978-1-84386-789-0 

Beyond the Lies

The edit is in full swing and I am really excited about the outcome. Watch this space…


I never know whether to call it scriptwriting or screenwriting. I am currently studying and writing a script at the same time. It is really interesting how learning a new art puts a very different perspective on films and dramas. I am loving this new challenge.

When I look back at the work I have managed over the last week I am really satisfied, but exhausted!! The To Do list is growing though!!  I truly am living my dreams and it is only going to get better.

Have a fabulous week everyone. The schools break up this Thursday for Easter so no school runs for two and a half weeks. That makes me HAPPY too.

Just a mention : Congratulations to my lifelong team Ferrari for the magical win yesterday. I had goosebumps when the combination of the German and Italian national anthems were played. A new era has begun. #KeepingfightingMichael.

I always welcome your feedback and comments. Have a fabulous week. You can follow my news and events on my website.

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