Monday, 29 June 2015

Can we all please...just start to have a heart…

I really do fear for the future of our children and their children. Whilst my deepest condolences go to the families of the victims of all three terrorist attacks last week, I do get a sense of frustration that world leaders, the ones we elected (well most of us) are not exercising the power we have given them to fully represent and protect us – you know the whole point of their jobs in politics!! It is always innocent families that have to bear the grief. We need to kick some very arrogant political butts into gear – GET IT SORTED! Oh and kick the incessant, scare mongering media into touch too!

My heart also goes out to the people of Greece – again they are bearing the brunt of European bureaucrats flexing their financial muscle – well actually the bankers financial muscle – you know the real ones who can hold us all to ransom with no redress or penalties.  What would really happen if ALL countries debts were cancelled? Let’s face it, it’s not even REAL money. It is grossly unfair that we work hard all our lives, pay into pensions pots and save to give our children a better life when all that happens is legalised thieves lose our pensions and when their policies fail, they close banks and cashpoints and restrict OUR cash that WE have worked hard for and deposited in their care. We are constantly made to feel guilty for their failures. Capitalism really works - doesn’t it!!
What I would like to see for my children is a safe, fair and honest world. They have been brought up to understand tolerance, compassion, equality, hard work and integrity but it is an uphill battle to maintain these standards in a society hell bent on displaying none of these traits. 

The world is a horrible place right now and I am trying my best, SINGLE-HANDEDLY to ensure that, hopefully when we all decide to be humans again and display the wonderful heart-felt characteristics I know WE are ALL capable of, my boys will have a head start. If we had leaders that really did care about their people.

Rugby League

Enough of the doom and gloom. I am very privileged to be part of Wesley’s journey as a rising rugby league player. Most of all I love that my son wants me there, to be a part of his exciting path.

On Saturday we travelled to Leicester. What a day it was. The sun was shining, the location was incredible and the performance…well, the performance was one of the best team performances I have seen in my 30+ years of watching this great sport. I kid you not. It was a true TEAM performance, lots of talking, skills and more importantly FUN. You could see the team really enjoyed it and that is priceless. It is so great to be a part of something special. Personally, I was super proud of Wes who had an enforced week off due to tonsillitis. He was nervous about his fitness levels before the game but it was needless worrying. He looked agile and fit. His recovery and commitment to getting back on the pitch was outstanding. He has always had a great work ethic. Super proud Mummy.


The most frustrating thing about writing is…

For me, it’s my hands don’t work as quickly as my brain, whether it is handwriting or typing. I always hand write all of my work first. That way, as I am typing it I can edit it.  I always find that if I type whilst I am thinking, I am not as engrossed in the work. It works for me. I don’t think any method of writing would be as fast as my brain works when it is at full capacity. When the brain fog hits it is a completely different story…

I have a 177 page script so far and approximately twenty scenes left to write. I really love this story and am looking forward to having a go at pitching it to agents and production companies… there is a hint of sarcasm in that!!

I already have two more ideas for new scripts but I have to work on the sequel to Beyond the Past next otherwise I may face a lynch mob of angry readers outside my house!!

Beyond the Past

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This weekend is the British Grand Prix and I usually spend this week with goose bumps every time it is mentioned. Sadly, due to no money and rugby league commitments, I can’t attend Silverstone this year but hopefully if you continue to support my work, 2016 could see me there celebrating with my two babies.

Whatever you are doing this week, have a safe and happy one. Be true to who you are.


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