Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Could, Should, would have… Nah I’m doing IT!

Don’t ever be afraid of re-defining yourself. The two biggest obstacles that have held me back in my life have been:
  1. Listening to the negativity of other people
  2. Being afraid to make mistakes
NEITHER, are important really. If only I had known that thirty plus years ago and certainly ten years ago when the pain of this illness took hold. At least my painful lessons have meant the boys will never suffer the curse of third party induced self-doubt or the crippling fear of making a mistake. They have been taught very valuable life lessons including:
  1. Everyone can and will have an opinion – everyone doesn’t have a moral motive.
  2. Everyone’s opinion really does NOT count.
  3. Opinions are not always based on knowing all the facts but usually on bias fuelled by envy, jealousy and just pure evil.
  4. HUMANS make mistakes – it is a fact!
  5. Mistakes are ACCEPTABLE. They are NOT important. What IS important is how you react to those mistakes.
  6. The boys have been taught to hold their hands up and admit to their mistakes – I admit this is challenging with the youngest one but we all have to start somewhere. Once they admit their mistake, they will apologise if necessary, learn from it and most of all FORGET it. Don’t let it eat away at you – worry is the most unproductive human trait – it just makes you grow old quicker – I should know!!

Lessons learned the hard way are character building, honest. The intolerance, prejudice and damn right ignorance of some people doesn’t shock me anymore, it saddens me.

I was at the doctors surgery last week with Wes – Severe tonsillitis – only second time in his life he has had antibiotics! Anyway, we were waiting to see the doctor and the receptionist was dealing with this sweet, older gentleman. This obnoxious woman, late twenties, early thirties, struts in and stands over the man. She rudely interrupted the conversation with “I’m very busy and in a hurry. I’d like my prescription now.” Wes and I looked at each other with the same ‘there goes another one’ look on our faces.

The receptionist APOLOGISED to the man and dealt with the woman first. Incidentally if I’d been the receptionist she would have been seen last! That one act of total ignorance and arrogance sums up what is wrong in the world and something Wes and I discuss all the time. Too many people think they are so much more important than anyone else. 

An exercise for you

Next time you are out and about – restaurant, bank, supermarket and DON’T get me started on driving! It's like those people who are convinced everything that is written is about them. 

 Do it, sit and observe people while you are out. Just see how many people display the attitude of ‘I am the centre of the universe; I am the MOST important person in the world.’ Do it and let me know your thoughts. It is very entertaining yet infuriating. Still it’s a very good lesson for the boys.

If you are one of those self-centred ‘I’m so important’ people then – SHAME ON YOU!


A fellow writer messaged me recently to say he had read the first three chapters of Beyond the Past on my website. His comments were really encouraging. He said I shouldn’t underestimate my talent of holding the reader’s attention.

Beyond the Past

Have you had the chance to read it yet? Would you like to review it for me?

Read the first three chapters FREE on my website
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 Or you can order from your local bookshop. The ISBN number is : 978-1-84386-789-0

In addition, I get lots of messages asking me when this will be made into a screenplay as it would be great for television or film. The answer is: it is on my ‘To Do’ List.  At the moment, I am working on a screenplay for television. I am hoping (fingers, toes and everything else crossed) this will provide me with some much needed income. Then, I can have some additional help in the time consuming jobs that come with being a Mum and a writer – cleaning, marketing, editing and the rest! I am looking forward to have pounds in the bank instead of pence! I keep dreaming and working…. Working and dreaming.

I have to say I love writing both books and scripts – it’s hard to choose between the two. So, I’m going to continue to do both. Why? Because I can… and I am totally insane!

Please remember, whatever your challenges are in life, your life matters. It is YOUR life though not anyone else’s. Make the most of what YOU have.

Right, I’m off to sports day now! I sit there shaking my head at the over competitiveness… and that’s just the parents! Lucas was reassure this morning that the position of finishing is not as important as the performance!!

Enjoy your week.

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