Friday, 27 May 2016

A Blatant Lie

Sorry to all my followers but this needs to be said in my words…

I am deeply saddened and incredibly hurt that I am being accused of refusing to give my Mum a lift to the hospital to visit my dying uncle. This is A BLATANT LIE. From this lie, I have suffered vile abuse and now been excluded from my Dad's 70th birthday celebrations. I am truly heartbroken.

I am putting this on my social media sites to offer people the TRUTH – especially those who have been sucked into this lie. I have practically locked myself away to avoid confrontation and abuse, just because of a lie. I have to protect my children and I can't do that if I am ill through stress. Sadly, they seem hell bent on continuing to cause trouble. So let me be clear. I NEVER refused to help; I NEVER refused a lift. NEVER! 

Stop the lies and move on with your lives. You can be as outraged as you like about this post but you will not stop me speaking the truth and you will never take away our future happiness.

Much love

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